Dublin Rebels American Football Ireland Team Roster and Game Summaries 2005

Dublin Rebels Logo 2001-2005 [References: 1]

IAFA Irish American Football League 2005

Belfast Bulls (P)87101445614
Dublin Rebels (P)85212349011
Carrickfergus Knights (P)852129111411
Cork Admirals (P)83501741886
University of Limerick Vikings8350961746
Dublin Dragons808083010
Irish American Football League Standings 2005 [Ref: 2]
DateHome Team Away Team 
 Shamrock Bowl XIX Harlequins RFC Belfast  
28.08.2005Belfast Bulls19Dublin Rebels26
Irish American Football League Playoffs 2005 [Ref: 2]

Dublin Rebels 2005 Results

120.02.2005AUniversity of Limerick VikingsW30-0
313.03.2005ABelfast BullsL14-22
717.04.2005HCarrickfergus KnightsT8-8
922.05.2005HCork AdmiralsW34-20
1029.05.2005HDublin DragonsW50-0
1212.06.2005ACarrickfergus KnightsL20-32
1510.07.2005ADublin DragonsW52-8
1724.07.2005HBelfast BullsW26-0
SF14.08.2005HCarrickfergus KnightsW26-20
SB XIX28.08.2005BelfastBelfast BullsWS26-19
[References: 2]

Season Report

Dublin Rebels came back from a disappointing mid-season slump which saw them lose on the road to both main rivals Belfast Bulls and Carrickfergus Knights, as well as only tying at home to the Knights, to win their third Shamrock Bowl in three years and fourth overall in 2005 when they triumphed 26-19 over Belfast Bulls in Shamrock Bowl XIX at the homde of Belfast Harlequins RFC.

Having easily defeated University of Limerick Vikings at UL 30-0 in their opening fixture they then lost a close match 14-22 at Belfast Bulls before tying 8-8 at home in a low-scoring affair with the Carrickfergus Knights. Two wins over the Cork Admirals and Dublin Dragons were followed by another loss away from home in Antrom as they were downed 20-32 by the Knights. This appeared to galvanise the Rebels and they came back from the loss with two big statements, a 52-8 victory away to the Dublin Dragons in Lucan followed by a massive 26-0 defeat of the Bulls zat home in Gresytones, Co. Wicklow.

This win gave the home field advantage for their semifinal match-up with Carrickfergus which they won 26-20. In Shamrock Bowl XIX in Belfast they went 18-0 up in the third quarter, only to let matters slip, finding themselves 18-19 down with minutes to play, when Fearghal O’Donnchu caught a pass 10 yards out from Andrew Dennehy and then forced himself through the Bulls line to put the Rebels 26-19 up after the 2-point conversion. The Bulls then took the ball to the Rebels 6 yard line with q14 seconds left but a Rebels goalline stand kept the Bulls out giving the Rebels their fourth Shamrock Bowl title.

Dublin Rebels celebrate with the Shamrock Bowl Trophy [References: 6]
Dublin Rebels celebrate with the Shamrock Bowl Trophy [References: 6]

Week 1 – 20 February 2005 – University of Limerick Vikings 0 Dublin Rebels 30

At University of LimerickQ1Q2Q3Q4Total
Dublin Rebels8801430
University of Limerick Vikings00000
[References: 4]
1st Quarter
REBCarl Faichney 11 yd Pass from Andrew Dennehy (Mark Kelly 2xpt)8-0
2nd Quarter
REBCarl Faichney 18yd Pass from Andrew Dennehy (Mark Kelly 2xpt)16-0
3rd Quarter
No Scoring16-0
4th Quarter
REBFearghal O’Donnchu 14 yd Pass from Andrew Dennehy22-0
REBSam Hodgins 7 yd Run (Brian Dennehy 2xpt)30-0
[References: 4]

Week 3 – 15 March 2005 – Dublin Rebels 14 Belfast Bulls 22

At Cherryvale Playing Fields, BelfastQ1Q2Q3Q4Total
Dublin Rebels0001414
Belfast Bulls0140822
[References: 4]
1st Quarter
No Scoring0-0
2nd Quarter
BBLMark Helferty 25 yd Pass from Kevin Downs0-6
BBLMark Helferty 20 yd Pass from Kevin Downs (Wagner 2xpt)0-14
3rd Quarter
No Scoring0-14
4th Quarter
REBSam Hodgins 2 yd Run6-14
BBLErin Wagner 6 yd Run (Kevin Downs 2xpt)6-22
REBBrian Dennehy 23 yd Pass from Andrew Dennehy (Simon Mackey 2xpt)14-22
[References: 4]

Week 7 – 24 April 2005 – Dublin Rebels 8 Carrickfergus Knights 8

At Greystones RFC, Co. WicklowQ1Q2Q3Q4Total
Carrickfergus Knights00088
Dublin Rebels08008
[References: 4]
1st Quarter
No scoring0-0
2nd Quarter
REBMark Kelly 6 yd Run (Brian Dennehy 2xpt)0-8
3rd Quarter
No scoring0-8
4th Quarter
CARBobby Murray 2 yd Run (David Wright 2xpt)8-8
[References: 4]

Week 9 – 22 May 2000 – Dublin Rebels 34 Cork Admirals 20

At Greystones RFC, Co. WicklowQ1Q2Q3Q4Total
Cork Admirals0081220
Dublin Rebels1286834
[References: 4]
1st Quarter
REBSimon Mackey 15 yd Pass from Andrew Dennehy0-6
REBSam Hodgins 20 yd Pass from Andrew Dennehy0-12
2nd Quarter
REBConor Ryan 30 yd Pass from Andrew Dennehy (Conor Ryan 2xpt)0-20
3rd Quarter
CORMacHale 10 yd Pass from David Lomansey (MacHale 2xpt)8-20
REBAndrew Dennehy 1 yd Run8-26
4th Quarter
CORDavid Lomansey 5 yd Run14-26
CORKeith O’Callaghan 35 yd Pass from David Lomansey20-26
REBSam Hodgins 50 yd Run (Sam Hodgins 2xpt)20-34
[References: 4]

Week 10 – 29 May 2005 – Dublin Rebels 50 Dublin Dragons 0

At Greystones RFC, Co. Wicklow Q1Q2Q3Q4Total
Dublin Dragons00000
Dublin Rebels160142050
[References: 4]
1st Quarter
REBConor Ryan 50 yd Pass from Andrew Dennehy0-6
REBDefensive Safety0-8
REBSam Hodgins 2 yd Run (Sam Hodgins 2xpt)0-16
2nd Quarter
No scoring0-16
3rd Quarter
REBMyles Majid 10 yd Pass from Andrew Dennehy0-22
REBFearghal O’Donnchu 10 yd Pass from Andrew Dennehy (Steve Archibald 2xpt)0-30
4th Quarter
REBFearghal O’Donnchu 12 yd Pass from Andrew Dennehy (Marcus Naylor 2xpt)0-38
REBSteve Archibald 43 yd Pass from Andrew Dennehy0-44
REBMarcus Naylor 3 yd Pass0-50
[References: 4]

Week 12 – 13 June 2005 – Carrickfergus Knights 32 Dublin Rebels 20

At Woodburn Road, CarrickfergusQ1Q2Q3Q4Total
Dublin Rebels0081220
Carrickfergus Knights6661432
[References: 4]
1st Quarter
CARBobby Murray 3 yd Run0-6
2nd Quarter
CARDavid Wright 1 yd Run0-12
3rd Quarter
REBBarry Flinn 21 yd Pass from Andrew Dennehy (Marcus Naylor 2xpt)8-12
CARClinton McDowell 35 yd Reverse8-18
4th Quarter
REBAndrew Dennehy 1 yd Run14-18
CARBobby Murray 9 yd Run14-24
REBBarry Flinn 40 yd Pass from Andrew Dennehy20-24
CARStephen McDowell 1 yd Run (Spencer McDowell 2xpt)20-32
[References: 4]

Week 15 – Dublin Dragons 8 Dublin Rebels 52

At Lucan, Co. DublinQ1Q2Q3Q4Total
Dublin Rebels82481252
Dublin Dragons00808
[References: 4]
1st Quarter
REBBarry Flinn 26 yd Pass from Andrew Dennehy (Brian Dennehy 2xpt)8-0
2nd Quarter
REBRoss McCooey 40 yd Int Return (Barry Flinn 2xpt)16-0
REBConor Ryan 60 yd Pass from Andrew Dennehy (Barry Flinn 2xpt)24-0
REBBarry Flinn 28 yd Pass from Andrew Dennehy (Brian Dennehy 2xpt)32-0
3rd Quarter
REBSam Hodgins 7 yd Run (Sam Hodgins 2xpt)40-0
DRARobert Popciobobartepolus 47 yd Pass from Robert Olwill (John Durrad 2xpt)40-8
4th Quarter
REBBrian Dennehy 6 yd Pass from Andrew Dennehy 46-8
REBConor Ryan 4 yd Run52-8
[References: 4]

Week 17 – 26 July 2005 – Dublin Rebels 26 Belfast Bulls 0

At Greystones RFC, Co. WicklowQ1Q2Q3Q4Total
Belfast Bulls00000
Dublin Rebels1460626
[References: 4]
1st Quarter
REBBarry Flinn 11 yd Pass from Andrew Dennehy0-6
REBConor Ryan 55 yd Punt Return (Barry Flinn 2xpt)0-14
2nd Quarter
REBFearghal O’Donnchu 9 yd Pass from Andrew Dennehy0-20
3rd Quarter
No Scoring0-20
4th Quarter
REBBrian Dennehy 8 yd Run0-26
[References: 4]

Semi-Final – 15 August 2005 – Dublin Rebels 26 Carrickfergus Knights 20

At Greystones RFC, Co. WicklowQ1Q2Q3Q4Total
Carrickfergus Knights6001420
Dublin Rebels01214026
[References: 4]
1st Quarter
CARIan McIlroy 8 yd Pass from Adam Devenney6-0
2nd Quarter
REBBrian Dennehy 8 yd Run6-6
REBBarry Flinn 12 yd Pass from Andrew Dennehy6-12
3rd Quarter
REBSam Hodgins 7 yd Run (Fearghal O’Donnchu 2xpt)6-20
REBSam Hodgins 11 yd Run6-26
4th Quarter
CARClinton McDowell 56 yd Pass from Adam Devenny (David Wright 2xpt)14-26
CARColin Esler 25 yd Pass from Adam Devenney20-26
[References: 4]

Shamrock Bowl XIX – Belfast Bulls 19 Dublin Rebels 26

Belfast Bulls 19 Dublin Rebels 26

At Grafton Arena, BelfastQ1Q2Q3Q4Total
Dublin Rebels1260826
Belfast Bulls076619
[References: 4]
1st Quarter
REBBrian Dennehy 1yd Run6-0
REBMark Smyth 10yd Fumble Return12-0
2nd Quarter
REBSam Hodgins 5yd Run18-0
BBLMark Helferty 15yd Pass from James McKelvey (Eoghan Murphy PAT)18-7
3rd Quarter
BBLErin Wagner 13yd Run18-13
4th Quarter
BBLKris Donaghy 9yd Pass from James McKelvey18-19
REBFearghal O’Donnchu 15yd Pass from Andrew Dennehy (Brian Dennehy 2xpt)26-19
[References: 4]

Dublin Rebels 2005 Shamrock Bowl XIX Roster

8Samuel HodginsTailbackRDublin
10Andy DennehyQuarterback12Dublin
20Mark KellyRunning Back / Linebacker16Dublin
21Kevin FinneganDefensive Back2Dublin
22Steve ArchibaldWide Receiver / Defensive Back11England
23Eric O’ByrneDefensive Back1Dublin
25Sean ShanahanLinebacker / Running Back15USA
26Darragh FarrellFree Safety2Dublin
28Pat QuinnDefensive Back3Dublin
29Myles MajidWide ReceiverRWicklow
31Darren ConwayDefensive End2Dublin
32James CollinsWide Receiver / Kicker1Dublin
33Darrin O’TooleDefensive Back4Dublin
40Kenny HudsonMiddle Linebacker10Dublin
45Andy FlynnMiddle Linebacker / Fullback10Dublin
52Shane CampbellOffensive Line3Dublin
54Ross McCooeyMiddle LinebackerRDublin
55Paul WeldonMiddle Linebacker1Dublin
60Dave SherwinCenter5Dublin
66Fergal O’HanlonOffensive Line10Dublin
67Eris GrasOutside Linebacker6Dublin
69Mikkel SoelbergOffensive LineRDenmark
72Tobias HanssonOffensive Line5Sweden
74Al KellyDefensive Tackle15Dublin
76Simon ConnellonOffensive Lineman1Dublin
77David GriffithOffensive Lineman3Dublin
80Marcus NaylorFree Safety /Running Back10Wicklow
81Barry FlinnWide ReceiverRDublin
82Carl FaichneyWide Receiver3Dublin
85Fearghal O’DonnchuTight End / Outside Linebacker12Dublin
86Simon MackeyTight End / Outside Linebacker2Wicklow
87Conor RyanWide Receiver2Wicklow
88Brian DennehyRunning Back14Dublin
94Paul SmythDefensive End2Dublin
96Conor WalshDefensive End3Dublin
99Steve WilsonDefensive Tackle3Dublin
OCBrian DennehyOffensive CoachDublin
DCFearghal O’DonnchuDefensive CoachDublin
[References: 5;7]

Dublin Rebels 2005 Scorers

Sam Hodgins9360
Barry Flinn6342
Brian Dennehy5540
Conor Ryan5132
Andy Dennehy2012
Carl Faichney2012
Marcus Naylor1210
Mark Kelly1210
Simon Mackey118
Steve Archibald118
Myles Majid106
Ross McCooey106
[References: 3]

Video – Shamrock Bowl XIX – Dublin Rebels 26 Belfast Bulls 19

[References: 4]



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