East & South Asia American Football

American Football Leagues started in countries like China, India, Philippines and Malaysia in the 2010s. For Japan, where the Rice Bowl, their equivalent of the Super Bowl which started in 1947 see: Japan American Football and for Korea, where their National University Championship started in 1958 see: Korea American Football.

For West Asia, where American Football started in countries like Turkey & Israel in the 2000s, see: West Asia American Football

China (AFLC)

China Arena Football League 2016-2019

China Arena Football League (seasons): 2019

Indian Sub-Continent

Elite Football league of India 2012

Philippines (PAFL)

Philippines American Football League 2018-2019

Philippines American Football League (Seasons): 2019

Malaysia (MAFA)

Malaysia American Football Association Flag Football Rose Bowl (Seasons): 2019