Electric Ireland Higher Education GAA Senior Hurling League Division 1 2019

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HE GAA SHL Division 1 Tables

Division 1 Group A
Mary Immaculate College Limerick (Q)330070576
University of Limerick (Q)320168654
NUI Galway310276582
Limerick IT300360940
Division 1 Group B
DCU Dochas Eireann (Q)4400101608
University College Dublin (Q)4301115676
TU Dublin City Campus420273964
Maynooth University300347730
Trinity College Dublin300337770
Division 1 Group C
University College Cork (Q)330071506
IT Carlow (Q)320189634
Waterford IT301264771
Cork IT301253871
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DateHome TeamAway Team
12.11.2019IT Carlow2-26University of Limerick2-22
14.11.2019University College Cork1-21University College Dublin1-16
20.11.2019IT Carlow2-17DCU Dochas Eireann2-18
25.11.2019University College Cork1-26Mary Immaculate College Limerick1-19
28.11.2019DCU Dochas Eireann0-18University College Cork1-12
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Group Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Group A
15.10.2019University of Limerick3-18Limerick IT2-18
16.10.2019NUI Galway0-18Mary Immaculate College Limerick1-17
23.10.2019NUI Galway6-22Limerick IT0-14
31.10.2019Mary Immaculate College Limerick2-17University of Limerick0-17
05.11.2019University of Limerick1-21NUI Galway0-18
06.11.2019Limerick IT3-13Mary Immaculate College Limerick2-21
Group B
08.10.2019Maynooth University0-17TU Dublin City Campus1-19
09.10.2019DCU Dochas Eireann1-23University College Dublin0-15
16.10.2019DCU Dochas Eireann1-22Trinity College Dublin1-9
16.10.2019University College Dublin6-24TU Dublin City Campus0-13
23.10.2019Maynooth University1-12DCU Dochas Eireann3-16
24.10.2019Trinity College Dublin0-13University College Dublin3-23
29.10.2019TU Dublin City Campus2-14Trinity College Dublin0-12
05.11.2019Trinity College Dublin0-0 #Maynooth University0-0 #
06.11.2019TU Dublin City Campus1-15DCU Dochas Eireann1-22
11.11.2019University College Dublin3-17Maynooth University2-9
Group C
15.10.2019IT Carlow5-27Cork IT1-11
16.10.2019Waterford IT0-20University College Cork0-21
22.10.2019Cork IT1-22Waterford IT1-22
23.10.2019University College Cork3-21IT Carlow1-13
05.11.2019University College Cork0-20Cork IT0-14
05.11.2019IT Carlow2-25Waterford IT1-16
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DCU Dochas Eireann (Dublin City University) won the Electric Ireland GAA Higher Education Division 1 League title in 2019 with an 0-18 to 1-12 triumph in the Final versus University College Cork at IT Carlow. They had previously defeated IT Carlow in the Semi-Finals, while UCC had knocked out Mary Immaculate College Limerick and University College Dublin to make the Final. The three Group winners were Mary Immaculate College Limerick, DCU Dochas Eireann, and University College Cork, with University of Limerick, University College Dublin and IT Carlow as runners-up also qualifying for the Finals. There were 13 Universities, Colleges or Institutes of Higher Education represented in Division 1.



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