ELF European League of Football 2022


ELF European League of Football Northern Division 2022

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ELF European League of Football Central Division 2022

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ELF European League of Football Southern Division 2022

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Note: Standings compiled automatically from Results in European League of Football website – For Official Schedule please see References: [1]

Regular Season Schedule

Note: Schedule compiled from Results in European League of Football website – For Official Schedule please see References: [1] For Individual Game References and Quarter-by-Quarter Points please click on each game in the Schedule above.

Weekly Recaps

Week 1 (4-5 June 2022)

Newcomers to the European League of Football, Istanbul Rams were narrowly defeated 38-40 by Cologne Centurions. Rhein Fire, were another new team to ELF, although previously a team named Rhein Fire were in the National Football League Europe League in the 1990s and 2000s. Fire defeated Frankfurt Galaxy 29-26. The other two expansion teams, moving up from the Austrian League and the Big 6 Eurobowl were Raiders Tirol from Innsbruck and Vienna Vikings, who clashed in Innsbruck with Vikings prevailing 29-23.

In other games Barcelona Dragons improved dramatically over last season, winning 38-9 at Stuttgart Surge, while Berlin Thunder were no match for Hamburg Sea Devils, losing 18-43 in the German capital. Meanwhile the sole Slavic team in the ELF, Panthers Wroclaw, won 34-27 at home to Leipzig Kings. [References: S-1 and Individual References in Games]

Week 2 (11-12 June 2022)

Panthers Wroclaw sat atop the Northern Division with a 28-25 victory at Stuttgart Surge who fell to 0-2 in the Central Division. Berlin Thunder gained their first win in the Northern Division with a 41-7 defeat of Istanbul Rams, who were left looking for their first win. Hamburg Sea Devils suffered their first loss of the season going down 21-24 to the Barcelona Dragons, who were top of the Southern Division on 2-0 along with Cologne Centurions and Rhein Fire. The Centurions had a narrow 49-46 victory over Raiders Tirol, who were still looking for a first win in the Central Division while Rhein Fire defeated Northern Division cellar dwellers Leipzig Kings 28-17. The Central Division appeared already to be Vienna Vikings to lose after they moved two games ahead of all three other teams with a 30-10 victory over fellow Central Division team, the Frankfurt Galaxy. [References: S-1 and Individual References in Games]

Map of Europe featuring Team Logos and Locations

Map of Europe featuring European League of Football 2022 Team Logos and Locations [References: M-1]

[M-1] Map Contributor: Rainer Lesniewski (2022) Stock Vector ID: 151344206 europe map [Internet] Available from: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-vector/europe-map-151344206 [Accessed 12 June 2022][Overlaid with ELF Team Logos by Enda Mulcahy for Eirball.ie][Logo References: ELF-1 to ELF-12]

About the European League of Football 2022

In some ways a resurrection of the old National Football League sponsored World League of American Football / National Football League Europe League, the European League of Football is the latest top-level Professional American Football League spanning the continent of Europe. The League resurrected many of the old WLAF and NFLE team names, such as Barcelona Dragons (Catalonia), Frankfurt Galaxy, Berlin Thunder, Hamburg Sea Devils, Rhein Fire and Cologne Centurions, as well as adding new teams Stuttgart Surge and Leipzig Kings (all Germany), and promoting European National League and previously members of other smaller European Professional Leagues, Raiders Tirol and Vienna Vikings (both Austria), Istanbul Rams (Turkey), and Panthers Wroclaw (Poland).

Schedule References

[S-1] European League of Football (2021) Schedule [Internet] Available from: https://europeanleague.football/schedule [Accessed 25 June 2022]

Logo References

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Note: for individual game scores and stats view each game [click on the game in the schedule above]


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