Elite Ice Hockey League 2019-20

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Glasgow Clan75110271612
Cardiff Devils65010231910
Sheffield Steelers84130392610
Fife Flyers6402023218
Guildford Flames7304022206
Coventry Blaze7304020246
Belfast Giants42011765
Nottingham Panthers8205117265
Dundee Stars8205128405
Manchester Storm7115014224

Reference: [1]

Regular Season Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
07.09.2019Guildford Flames1Nottingham Panthers3
07.09.2019Sheffield Steelers4Coventry Blaze6
07.09.2019Manchester Storm3Dundee Stars1
08.09.2019Coventry Blaze1Sheffield Steelers4
Week 2
14.09.2019Dundee Stars1Nottingham Panthers5
14.09.2019 Coventry Blaze1Fife Flyers4
15.09.2019Dundee Stars5Sheffield Steelers6 ot
15.09.2019 Coventry BlazeNottingham Panthers
15.09.2019 Manchester Storm2Belfast Giants1 ot
15.09.2019 Cardiff Devils5Glasgow Clan3
15.09.2019 Fife Flyers4Nottingham Panthers2
Week 3
21.09.2019Sheffield Steelers4Guilfdord Flames1
21.09.2019Cardiff Devils2Glasgow Clan6
21.09.2019Fife Flyers6Coventry Blaze3
22.09.2019Belfast Giants3Nottingham Panthers0
22.09.2019Sheffield Steelers3Glasgow Clan4
22.09.2019Dundee Stars5Manchester Storm3
22.09.2019Guildford Flames4Fife Flyers2
Week 4
28.09.2019Nottingham Panthers2Glasgow Clan4
28.09.2019Dundee Stars6Guildford Flames2
29.09.2019Sheffield Steelers2Cardiff Devils3
29.09.2019Nottingham Panthers2Glasgow Clan3 so
29.09.2019Coventry Blaze6Manchester Storm4
29.09.2019Guildford Flames7Dundee Stars1
Week 5
04.10.2019Belfast Giants2Guildford Flames1
05.10.2019Cardiff Devils3Manchester Storm1
06.10.2019Manchester Storm1Glasgow Clan4
Week 6
10.10.2019Cardiff Devils8Dundee Stars6
12.10.2019Guildford Flames6Nottingham Panthers2
12.10.2019Manchester Storm0Coventry Blaze2
12.10.2019Fife Flyers3Sheffield Steelers10
13.10.2019Glasgow Clan3Belfast Giants1
13.10.2019Dundee Stars3Sheffield Steelers6
13.10.2019Coventry Blaze1Cardiff Devils2
13.10.2019Fife Flyers4Nottingham Panthers1
Week 7
16.10.2019Sheffield SteelersFife Flyers
19.10.2019Dundee StarsCoventry Blaze
19.10.2019Cardiff DevilsNottingham Panthers
19.10.2019Belfast GiantsManchester Storm
19.10.2019Fife FlyersGuildford Flames
20.10.2019Sheffield SteelersDundee Stars
20.10.2019Nottingham PanthersCardiff Devils
20.10.2019Belfast GiantsManchester Storm
20.10.2019Glasgow ClanCoventry Blaze
20.10.2019Guildford FlamesFife Flyers
Week 8
25.10.2019Belfast GiantsDundee Stars
26.10.2019Sheffield SteelersCoventry Blaze
26.10.2019Nottingham PanthersFife Flyers
26.10.2019Manchester StormBelfast Giants
26.10.2019Dundee StarsGlasgow Clan
27.10.2019Glasgow ClanManchester Storm
27.10.2019Coventry BlazeNottingham Panthers
27.10.2019Fife FlyersSheffield Steelers
30.10.2019Guildford FlamesGlasgow Clan
30.10.2019Fife FlyersBelfast Giants
30.10.2019Nottingham PanthersDundee Stars

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By the end of September Fife Flyers, Glasgow Clan & Sheffield Steelers topped the table on 6 points. Belfast Giants were in last place having played only two matches due to their entry into the Champions Hockey League in Europe. In their first match they lost 2-1 in overtime to Manchester Storm, and then the following week, (Week 3) they had a good 3-0 win over perennial title challengers Nottingham Panthers. In Week 5 (the first week of October) they beat Guildford Flames 2-1, before losing 3-1 at Glasgow Clan , the League Leaders.



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