Emirates American Football League Desert Bowl 2013-Present

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Desert Bowls 2013-Present

II2013-14Dubai Barracudas12Abu Dhabi Wildcats6
III2014-15Dubai Stallions30Dubai Barracudas6
IV2015-16Dubai Barracudas21Abu Dhabi Wildcats18
V2016-17Al Ain Desert Foxes18Abu Dhabi Wildcats12 (3ot)
VI2017-18Dubai Barracudas19Abu Dhabi Wildcats0
Emirates American Football League Desert Bowls 2013-Present [Ref: 1-7]


Dubai Barracudas have been the most successful team in the Emirates American Football League Desert Bowl, winning twice under Quarterback Zavier Cobb in 2013-14 and 2015-16, and again under Cobb as Coach in 2017-18. Other winners of the Desert Bowl have included Dubai Stallions (2014-15) and Al Ain Desert Foxes (2016-17).

Neil Bowles, who is from Belfast, Ireland, and played with the Belfast Spartans in the 1990s in the Irish American Football League, played with the UAE Falcons in 2012. [8]

Dubai Barracudas Desert Bowl Champions 2017-18 [Ref: 10]


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