Eurobowl and Regional Cups

There have been European Championships (for National Teams) since 1983 and likewise the Eurobowl (for Club Champions) since 1986. Regional Champions Leagues such as the Atlantic Cup which Irish teams entered have also been competed for since the 1980s. The first National Leagues were in Italy (1977), Germany (1979) and Finland (1980) and there are now either teams or leagues everywhere even including such small countries as Luxembourg and Iceland, except Greece and a few small countries.

European Club Championships (AAA & AA Levels 2-3)

Eurobowl 86 Logo

Picture Credit: [6] Wikipedia (2020) EuroBowl 86 Logo {Internet] Available from: [Accessed 5 April 2020

About the Eurobowl

The first Eurobowl for European National Champions was played in 1986, governed by the European Football League. The organisation fell apart in 1992, following the expulsion of the United Kingdom, and was replaced by the European Federation of American Football which ran the Eurobowl until 2015 when the German Football League International took over running the sport for one year, being replaced in turn by the Europe Division of the International Federation of American Football, the World Governing Body.

Eurobowl (Level 1)

Eurobowl; EFL

Eurobowl Finals:

European Federation of American Football Europe Eurobowl 1986-Present

Eurobowl (Level 1)

International Federation of American Football Europe Big 6 Eurobowl 2015-present

EFAF Eurobowl

2001: Bergamo Lions (Ita) were Champions

2000: Bergamo Lions (Ita) were Champions

1999: Braunschweig Lions (Ger) were Champions

1998: Hamburg Blue Devils (Ger) were Champions

EFAF Eurobowl: 1994 1993

EFL Eurobowl (Season Results):  

 1992 1991 1990 1989  1988 1986

European Football Cups (Level 2)

IFAFE European Club Team Championship (Level 2)

International Federation of European Football Europe European Club Team Championship Super Final 2018-2019

European Football League (Level 2)

IFAF Europe EFL (Seasons):2016 2015

EFAF-Cup (Level 2)

EFAF Euro Cup (Level 2)

Regional European Leagues (AA & A Levels 3-4)

Below the European Football League and Eurobowl Levels are Regional Football Leagues, namely West European, North European, East European and Central European Bowls.

Atlantic Cup I Logo

There have been Regional Tournaments in Western Europe since the Four Nations Bowl (England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales) in the 1990s and then the Charleroi Trophy (Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland) in the early 2000s. This was replaced by the Atlantic Cup in 2009, which ran until 2017 when the Belgian & Dutch Champions made the step up to European Football League Level.

Western Europe

Four Nations Bowl; Charleroi Trophy; Atlantic Cup;

Western European Club Championships (Level 3) (Overviews):

European Federation of American Football IFAF Europe Atlantic Cup Finals 2009-2017

European Federation of American Football Charleroi Trophy Finals 2002-2004

European Federation of American Football Dutch Invitational Tournament 1997-1998

European Federation of American Football West European Club Friendlies 1997-1998

Atlantic Cup (Seasons):

 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 

Charleroi Trophy: (Seasons)

 2004 2003 2002

Anglo-Scottish Friendlies (Seasons): 


Dutch International Tournament (Seasons): 1997 

Four Nations Bowl (Seasons):


Western European Friendlies (Seasons):


IFAF Europe Logo
IFAF Europe Logo[References: 1]

The Scandinavian Cup, played in the 1990s between the winners of the Swedish, Norwegian, Danish & Finnish Leagues, is the oldest of the Northern European Regional Tournaments. It has since been replaced by the Northern European Football League, featuring the British Champions too.

Northern Europe

EFL Scandinavian Cup; NEFL;

IFAFE Northern European Football League (Level 3):

 2018 2017

EFL Scandinavian Cup (Level 3):

1995 1994 1993 1989 1988 1987

Northern European Friendlies (Level 3):


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Central European Football League Logo
Central European Football League Logo

[1] Central European Football League (2009) CEFL Logo [Internet] Available from:×99.png [Accessed 6 June 2020]

Central European Competitions have included the Challenge Cup (EFAF Era) and more recently the Central European Football League. These competitons have pitted the Champions of – at times – Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey – against each other in two levels as it currently stands.

Central Europe

EFAF Challenge Cup; CEFL

Central European Football League Championship (AA level 3):

Central European Football League Championship 2017-2019

CEFL Championship (Seasons):

2019 2018 2017

Central European Football League Cup (A level 4)

Central European Football League Cup 2017-2019

CEFL Cup (Seasons):

2019 2018 2017