European Federation of American Football Eurobowl 1993

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First Round Group Standings

Eurobowl 1st Round 1993PWLTPFPAPts
Cardkey Raiders Den Haag (Ned)220081484
St. Gallen Raiders (Swi)202048810
Amsterdam Crusaders (Ned)2200110264
SAFIR Argonautes Aix-en-Provence (Fra)2110132542
Leuven Lions (Bel)202001620
London Olympians (Eng)110032292
Dusseldorf Panther (Ger)101029320
Pharones Milano (Ita)220070144
LEVIS Graz Giants (Aut)202014700
East City Giants Helsinki (Fin)110040352
Uppsala 86ers (Swe)101035400
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First Round Group Results

DateHome TeamAway GTeam
1993Cardkey Raiders Den Haag50St. Gallen Raiders20
02.05.1993St. Gallen Raiders28Cardkey Raiders Den Haag31
1993Amsterdam Crusaders56Leuven Lions0
1993Leuven Lions0SAFIR Argonauts Aix-en-Provence106
09.05.1993SAFIR Argonauts Aix-en-Provence26Amsterdam Crusaders54
09.05.1993Dusseldorf Panthers29London Olympians32
1993LEVIS Graz Giants7Pharones Milano35
1993Pharones Milano35LEVIS Graz Giants7
09.051993East City Giants Helsinki40Uppsala 86ers35
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Finals Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Intermediate Round
09.05.1993Cardkey Raiders Den Haag36Pharaones Milano34
06.06.1993Amsterdam Crusaders22Cardkey Raiders7
19.06.1993East City Giants29London Olympians34
Eurobowl FinalHeysel Stadium, Brussels
03.07.1993London Olympians42Amsterdam Crusaders21
European Football League Eurobowl Results 1993 [Ref: 1-5]


Britain’s London Olympians won the Eurobowl in 1993, defeating the Amsterdam Crusaders of the Netherlands 42-21 in the Final, after triumphing 32-29 in Dusseldorf, Germany against the hometown Panther in their First Round group, and then winning 34-29 against East City Giants from Helsinki in Finland in the Semi-Finals.

The First Round pitted 11 teams in 5 groups with one group of three, where Amsterdam Crusaders and SAFIR Argonautes Aix-en-Provence (France) made light work of Leuven Lions from Belgium. In the Group decider Amsterdam Admirals disposed of the SAFIR Argonautes 54-26 in a high-scoring shootout. East City Giants had a tougher time in their group match with Uppsala 86ers of Sweden, eventually winning 40-35. The other two Groups were played over two legs, home-and-away (home-and-home to readers from USA). The Swiss champions St. Gallen Raiders lost both legs of their group to Cardkey Raiders of Netherlands and LEVIS Graz Giants of Austria likewise lost both legs of their group match with Pharaones Milano of Italy. The Intermediate Round match saw Cardkey Raiders won a close encounter with Pharaones Milano 36-34.

The Championship was an emotional one for the British team as the Final took place at Heysel Stadium, Brussels, Belgium, where one of the worst soccer tragedies occurred, involving Liverpool fans, and was played on July 3rd, the eve of American Independence Day. It was the second Eurobowl title in a row for the Olympians and they had defeated Amsterdam Admirals, winners of the two previous Eurobowls in 1990 and 1991.


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