European Federation of American Football Eurobowl 1999

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Qualification Group Standings

EFAF Eurobowl Qualification Group A 1999

PosTeamWLTPctPFPANet PtsStreak
1Moscow Bears (Rus)1001.000303W1
2Donetsk Scythians (Ukr)0100.00003-3L1

EFAF Eurobowl Qualification Group B 1999

PosTeamWLTPctPFPANet PtsStreak
1Helsinki Roosters (Fin)2001.000322210W2
2Aarhus Tigers (Den)1100.500482919W1
3Stockholm Mean Machine (Swe)0200.0002150-29L2

EFAF Eurobowl Qualification Group C 1999

PosTeamWLTPctPFPANet PtsStreak
1Prague Panthers (Cze)1001.00026215W1
2Russelsheim Razorbacks (Ger)0100.0002126-5L1

EFAF Eurobowl Qualification Group D 1999

PosTeamWLTPctPFPANet PtsStreak
1Paris Flash (Fra)1100.500422319L1
2St. Gallen Vipers (Swi)1100.5002342-19W1

EFAF Eurobowl Qualification Group E 1999

PosTeamWLTPctPFPANet PtsStreak
1Bergamo Lions (Ita)2001.0001016536W2
2Cologne Crocodiles (Ger)1100.50058580W1
3Graz Giants0200.00065101-36L2

EFAF Eurobowl Qualification Group F 1999

PosTeamWLTPctPFPANet PtsStreak
1Legnano Frogs (Ita)1100.50052439W1
2Aix-en-Provence Argonautes (Fra)1100.50044386L1
3Badelona Drags (Spa)1100.5004257-15L1

Qualification Group Schedules

Group A

EFEurobowl Qualification Group A 1999

Group B

EFAF Eurobowl Qualification Group B

Group C

EFAF Eurobowl Qualification Group C

Group D

EFAF Eurobowl Qualification Group D

Group E

EFAF Eurobowl Qualification Group E

Group F

Qualification Games and Playoffs

EFAF Eurobowl 1999

Match Day Week 1
(Week 1)
29 - 27

Badelona Drags (Spa) vs Legnano Frogs (Ita)

Match Day Week 2
(Week 2)
28 - 7

Paris Flash (Fra) vs St. Gallen Vipers (Swi)

(Week 2)
41 - 17

Bergamo Lions (Ita) vs Cologne Crocodiles (Ger)

Match Day Week 3
(Week 3)
30 - 13

Aix-en-Provence Argonautes (Fra) vs Badelona Drags (Spa)

Match Day Week 4
(Week 4)
41 - 17

Cologne Crocodiles (Ger) vs Graz Giants (Aut)

(Week 4)
8 - 16

Stockholm Mean Machine (Swe) vs Helsinki Roosters (Fin)

Match Day Week 5
(Week 5)
48 - 60

Graz Giants (Aut) vs Bergamo Lions (Ita)

(Week 5)
16 - 14

Helsinki Roosters (Fin) vs Aarhus Tigers

(Week 5)
16 - 14

St. Gallen Vipers (Swi) vs Paris Flash (Fra)

Match Day Week 6
(Week 6)
26 - 21

Prague Panthers (Cze) vs Russelsheim Razorbacks (Ger)

(Week 6)
25 - 14

Legnano Frogs (Ita) vs Aix-en-Provence Argonautes (Fra)

(Week 6)
34 - 13

Aarhus Tigers vs Stockholm Mean Machine (Swe)

(Week 6)
3 - 0

Moscow Bears (Rus) vs Donetsk Scythians (Ukr)

Match Day Quarter-Finals
35 - 0

Hamburg Blue Devils (Ger) vs Paris Flash (Fra)

74 - 0

Braunschweig Lions (Ger) vs Prague Panthers (Cze)

14 - 28

Bergamo Lions (Ita) vs Legnano Frogs (Ita)

18 - 39

Moscow Bears (Rus) vs Helsinki Roosters (Fin)

Match Day Semi-Finals
41 - 21

Hamburg Blue Devils (Ger) vs Legnano Frogs (Ita)

21 - 14

Braunschweig Lions (Ger) vs Helsinki Roosters (Fin)

Match Day Eurobowl XIII 1999
(Eurobowl XIII 1999)
23 - 27

Hamburg Blue Devils (Ger) vs Braunschweig Lions (Ger)

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The 1999 EFAF Eurobowl featured 17 teams with teams drawn into six Regional based Qualification Groups, the winners of which qualified for the Quarter-Finals along with Hamburg Blue Devils and Braunschweig Lions who qualified for the playoffs automatically.

Moscow Bears defeated Ukrainian Champions Donetsk Scythians 3-0 in Group A. Group B saw Helsinki Roosters of Finland narrowly qualify ahead of Aarhus Tigers of Denmark and Stockholm Mean Machine of Sweden. In Group C Prague Panthers (Czech Republic) defeated Germany’s Russelsheim Razorbacks 26-21. Group D was won on aggregate by Paris Flash ahead of St. Gallen Vipers after each had won one game. Bergamo Lions of Italy qualified out of a high-scoring Group E that also included Cologne Crocodiles of Germany andf Austria’s Graz Giants. The final group, Group F, was won on points difference by Italy’s Legnano Frogs in front of Aix-en-Provence Argonauts of France and Badelona Drags from Spain.

In the Playoff Quarter-Finals Hamburg Blue Devils shutout Paris Flashg 35-0, Braunschweig Lions trounced Prague Panthers 74-0, Legnano Frogs defeated Bergamo Lions 28-14 in an All-Italian match-up, and Helsinki Roosters despatched Moscow Bears 39-18.

The Semi-Finals saw both remaining German teams Hamburg Blue Devils and Braunschweig Lions both win on the road versus Legnano Frogs and Helsinki Roosters respectively, which set up an All-German Eurobowl XIII which was won 27-23 in a close encounter by Braunschweig Lions.

About the Eurobowl

The Eurobowl is the most prestigious American Football Tournament in Europe for the Champions of Europe’s National Leagues. First played in 1986 it is Europe’s version of the Super Bowl. Ireland’s Champions were not represented in 1999 after having withdrawn from the European Federation of American Football in 1992.


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