European Football Internationals

There have been European Championships (for National Teams) since 1983 and likewise the Eurobowl (for Club Champions) since 1986. Regional Champions Leagues such as the Atlantic Cup which Irish teams entered have also been competed for since the 1980s. The first National Leagues were in Italy (1977), Germany (1979) and Finland (1980) and there are now either teams or leagues everywhere even including such small countries as Luxembourg and Iceland, except Greece and a few small countries.

European Internationals

The First European Championships for European National teams took place in 1983, there have also been tours by European teams to USA and American and Canadian teams to Europe.


Picture Credit: [1] American Football International (2013) EFAF Logo [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 30 August 2017]

The first American Football European Championships were held in 1983, at Vince Lombardi Stadium, Castelgiorgio, Italy. Italy beat Finland 18-6 in the Final.

European Championships

AFEF 1983; EFL 1987-1989; EFAF A-Group 2005-2010; EFAF B-Group 2004-2009; EFAF C-Group 2003-2007;

European Championships

EFAF EC A-Group (Editions): 2010 2005

EFL EC (Editions): 1993 1989 1987

AFEF EC (Editions): 1983

European Championships B-C Groups & Qualification

EFAF EC B-Group (Editions): 2009 2004

EFAF EC C-Group (Editions): 2007 2003

EFL EC-Qualification (Editions): 1989

European Junior Championships

EFAF EJC (Editions): 1998

EFAF EJC-Qualification (Editions): 1998

European Rankings

AFI European Nations Top 22 (end-of-year Rankings): 2019

EFAF AMPRO European Top 20 (end-of-season Rankings): 1995

American Football in Russia Billboard 1989
American Football In Russia Billboard 1989

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