European Football League | Eurobowl 1988-1992

EFL Eurobowl 1988-1992

European Team

DateRoundIrish Team European Team 
  Eurobowl II   
1988QualDublin Celts12Graz Giants (Aut)36
  Eurobowl III   
1989Rd 1Dublin Celts3Birmingham Bulls (Eng)29
  Eurobowl IV   
1990PrelimDublin Celts30Barcelona Boxers (Esp)0
1990Rd 1Dublin Celts12Manchester Spartans (Eng)28
  Eurobowl V   
1991Rd 1Craigavon Cowboys6Brussels Raiders (Bel)16
  Eurobowl VI   
1992Rd 1Dublin Celts0Birmingham Bulls (Eng)20




The Eurobowl was the European Championship for the National Club Champions of Europe. It was first staged in 1986, and the Irish Champions first took part in 1988.

The Dublin Celts were Ireland’s first representatives in the Eurobowl, losing 36-12 to Austria’s Graz Giants in the Qualifying Round.   The following year the Celts represented Ireland again, losing 29-3 to the United Kingdom’s Birmingham Bulls. [3]

1990 proved historic, with the Dublin Celts winning 30-0 over the Barcelona Boxers, in an Irish teams first victory in European competition. The game was abandoned at half-time after the Barcelona players walked off the pitch complaining that a Celts player was using illegal studs, however, the result stood as the match officials had checked the kit before kickoff and judged it to be all within regulation. [3]

The Celts lost in the next round 28-12 to the Manchester Spartans in what was claimed to be the best performance by an Irish team against English opposition. [3]

In 1991 the Craigavon Cowboys played at home against the Brussels Raiders, losing 16-6 in front of a large crowd. [3]

The Dublin Celts again faced English opposition in 1992, losing 20-0 to the Birmingham Bulls. This was the last time Irish teams entered the Eurobowl as the Irish Association left the EFL due to Britain being expelled – it would have been too costly for the small Irish association to travel anywhere else to play matches. [3]

Dublin Celts QB John Donnelly v Birmingham Bulls – Eurobowl Qualifier 1989 [Reference: [4]


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Thanks to Cillian Smith, Michael Smith, Ralph Schmeer and Michael Brophy of the Irish American Football Association and Irish American Football Officials Association.

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