European Handball

European Wallball

Wallball has emerged in recent decades as a unified world form of Handball, and there is a European Wallball Tour, featuring rounds in England, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium and elswehere.

There are versions of the sport throughout Western Europe, and Irish Players take part in Tournaments worldwide.

Below you will find links to the Results and Rankings of various Tours and Tournaments:

European Wallball Tour (Euro1Wall)

EWT Men’s Rankings (End of Season): 2017-18 2018-19

EWT Women’s Rankings (End of Season):2017-18 2018-19

EWT Men’s Rankings (End of Calendar Year): 2017 2018

EWT Women’s Rankings (End of Calendar Year): 2017 2018

EWT Finals (Seasons): 2018-19

Walloon-Brussels Wallball (French-speaking Belgium) 

Walloon Federation of Walloon-Brussels Games | One Wall | National 1 (Seasons): 2019

Pelota a Mano

Confederacion Interacional de Pelota a Mano (CIJB)

Pelota a Mano is a team Handball sport similar to both GAA Handball and Basque Pelota. The CIJB (Confederacion Internacional de Pelota a Mano) has been organising European Championships since 1993 and World Championships since 1996.

Llargues is one of the three main Modes of Pelota a Mano along with One Wall and International.

CIJB Llargues (Overviews)

Confederacion Internacional de Pelota a Mano (CIJB) Mundial Llargues 1996-Present

Confederacion Internacional de Pelota a Mano (CIJB) Copa Europa Llargues 1993-Present

CIJB Bote Luzea-Llargues Champions League (Seasons): 2016

Kaatsen (Frisian Handball)

Kaatsen (Bounce) is a 2v2 Team version of Handball first codified in Franeker in Friesland (Netherlands) in 1853.

Kaatsen Reference: Kaatsen (Frisian Handball) Reference 1897-Present