European Hockey

Russian Bandy

Bandy is one of Russia’s National Sports, where it is known as Hockey with a Ball as opposed to Hockey with a Puck (Ice Hockey).

It is played on Ice with a ball rather than a puck.

Versions of the sport include Innebandy (also known as Floorball in Europe or Ball Hockey in North America) where runners are used on a hard floor rather than blades or roller skates. (see for more details on Floor Hockey and Ball Hockey – Floorball results also available at: and Ball Hockey Results also available at: )

Russian Bandy (Major League)

Russian Bandy Super League

Bandy Super League (Russia) 2018-19

Roller Hockey

Irish Rink / Roller Hockey Associations

Irish Roller Hockey Association Roller Hockey League (Seasons): 1995

Irish Rink Hockey Association Senior Spring League (Seasons): 2017

Inter-Provincial & Inter-County Roller Hockey (Seasons):

Inter-County Roller Hockey Challenge Matches: 1939

Roller Hockey County Leagues (Seasons):

County Roller Hockey Leagues (Decade / Era Finals):

Waterford Roller Hockey League | Olympia Cup Finals 1949-1950

Leinster Rink Hockey League: 1910

Limerick Senior Roller Hockey League: 1941

Drimnagh Civic Week Roller Hockey Matches: 1949

Dublin Roller Hockey League | Classic Shield (League): 1950

Dublin Roller Hockey League | Butlins Challenge Cup: 1950

Portugal Roller Hockey

Roller Hockey is the National Sport of Portugal, and the Portuguse Roller Hockey League is the Major League of Roller Hockey in the World.

Portuguese Roller Hockey League 2015-Present


Floorball is a version of Ice Hockey played on a hard floor with a ball rather than a puck, and without skates.

It has been included in the Special Olympics World winter Games since the early 21st Century.

Below you will find the results & tables of various competitions:

Special Olympics World Winter Games:

Special Olympics World Winter Games | Floorball Austria 2017