European League Continental Conference 1993


Hamburg Blue Devils330089621.000
Cologne Crocodiles10102131.000
Munich Cowboys
Euro Spartans20204158.000
European League – Continental Conference Standings 1993 [Ref: 1-3]

Final Four Tournament

DateHome TeamAway Team
26.09.1993Hamburg Blue Devils41Euro Spartans0
26.09.1993Cologne CrocodilesLMunich CowboysW (ot)
3rd PlaceVenue: Hamburg
02.10.1993Cologne CrocodilesEuro Spartans
FinalVenue: Hamburg
02.10.1993Hamburg Blue Devils53Munich Cowboys30
European League – Continental Conference Final Four Tournament 1993 [Ref: 3]

Regular Season Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
09.05.1993Manchester Spartans20Hamburg Blue Devils35
Week ??
14.08.1993Hamburg Blue Devils31Cologne Crocodiles21
Week ??
22.08.1993Hamburg Blue Devils23Euro Spartans21
European League – Continental Conference Regular Season Results 1993 [Ref: 1-2]


Terry Smith’s Manchester Spartans entered the European League – Continental Conference in 1993, losing two games to Hamburg Blue Devils. They changed their name to the Euro Spartans to reflect that they were not only playing in a European League now, rather than the BAFA member league the NDMA, but also that they were playing their home games at Saffron Lane in Leicester.

They lost the Semi-Final 0-41 to the Hamburg Blue Devils, who went on to meet fellow Germans Munich Cowboys in the Final after they had triumphed in overtime in the second semi-final against Cologne Crocodiles. The Hamburg Blue Devils won the Continental Conference Final 31-21.



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