European League of Football 2021

European League of Football Logo
European League of Football Logo [References: 1]


Panthers Wroclaw
Berlin Thunder
Hamburg Sea Devils
Leipzig Kings
Barcelona Dragons
Cologne Centurions
Frankfurt Galaxy
Stuttgart Surge
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DateHome TeamAway Team
ELF Bowl
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Regular Season

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
19.06.2021Barcelona DragonsStuttgart Surge
19.06.2021Panthers WroclawCologne Centurions
20.06.2021Hamburg Sea DevilsFrankfurt Galaxy
20.06.2021Berlin ThunderLeipzig Kings
Week 2
26.06.2021Panthers WroclawLeipzig Kings
27.06.2021Cologne CenturionsBarcelona Dragons
27.06.2021Stuttgart SurgeFrankfurt Galaxy
Week 3
03.07.2021Leipzig KingsCologne Centurions
03.07.2021Barcelona DragonsHamburg Sea Devils
04.07.2021Frankfurt GalaxyPanthers Wroclaw
04.07.2021Berlin ThunderStuttgart Surge
Week 4
10.07.2021Cologne CenturionsFrankfurt Galaxy
10.07.2021Stuttgart SurgeLeipzig Kings
10.07.2021Hamburg Sea DevilsBerlin Thunder
Week 5
18.07.2021Berlin ThunderPanthers Wroclaw
18.07.2021Leipzig KingsHamburg Sea Devils
18.07.2021Frankfurt GalaxyBarcelona Dragons
Week 6
24.07.2021Panthers WroclawHamburg Sea Devils
24.07.2021Barcelona DragonsBerlin Thunder
25.07.2021Stuttgart SurgeCologne Centurions
Week 7
31.07.2021Hamburg Sea DevilsBarcelona Dragons
31.07.2021Cologne CenturionsPanthers Wroclaw
01.08.2021Leipzig KingsBerlin Thunder
01.08.2021Frankfurt GalaxyStuttgart Surge
Week 8
07.08.2021Barcelona DragonsCologne Centurions
07.08.2021Frankfurt GalaxyHamburg Sea Devils
08.08.2021Leipzig KingsStuttgart Surge
Week 9
14.08.2021Panthers WroclawFrankfurt Galaxy
14.08.2021Stuttgart SurgeBarcelona Dragons
15.08.2021Berlin ThunderHamburg Sea Devils
Week 10
21.08.2021Cologne CenturionsLeipzig Kings
22.08.2021Hamburg Sea DevilsPanthers Wroclaw
22.08.2021Berlin ThunderBarcelona Dragons
Week 11
28.08.2021Cologne CenturionsStuttgart Surge
28.08.2021Barcelona DragonsFrankfurt Galaxy
28.08.2021Panthers WroclawBerlin Thunder
29.08.2021Hamburg Sea DevilsLeipzig Kings
Week 12
05.09.2021Stuttgart SurgeBerlin Thunder
05.09.2021Leipzig KingsPanthers Wroclaw
05.09.2021Frankfurt GalaxyCologne Centurions
[References: 3]


A new 8-team fully professional American Football League in Europe – the European League of Football is planned to start in June 2021 with a 12-week 10-game schedule announced, playing by NFL rules as opposed to NCAA as everywhere else in Europe.

It will be the first fully professional league since the demise of NFL Europa in 2007, and has been met with much criticism by the German Football League – the current top league in Europe – as 6 of the franchises will be based in Germany, with two more in Spain (Barcelona Dragons) and Poland (three times Champions Wroclaw Panthers).

Following the demise of the NFLE/WLAF, the Central European Football League, featuring teams from Poland to Turkey and France to Hungary was a weekly Football League, but not fully pro, lasting until 2016.

The six German teams are Berlin Thunder, Frankfurt Galaxy, Cologne Centurions and Hamburg Sea Devils (all using the same names as their previous NFL Europe/World League of American Football team), Stuttgart Surge (using the name of the old Sacramento Surge team in the WLAF) and Leipzig Kings. Barcelona Dragons is also a resurrection of the previous NFLE/WLAF team name.



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Thanks to John Gunning (American Football International); Tomas; Carmine and Morgan (Dublin Bay Raptors)

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