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Olympic Handball

Olympic  Handball is a team sport played on the same court as a Futsal court.

It is like a cross between Basketball, Water Polo and Indoor Soccer, where the goal is to throw the ball into a goal at the other teams end of the court. It is played with the hands rather than feet and running with the ball is not allowed. The players must pass the ball into a semi-circle surrounding the opposing teams goal where they can shoot.

The Irish  Olympic Handball Association runs Senior Men’s and Ladies Leagues as well as Schools competitions.

Below you will find links to the Results and Tables of various competitions:

European Handball Federation

EHF Irish International Invitational (Tournaments):


European Handball Federation (Final Standings Overviews):

European Handball Federation | Men’s Challenge Trophy | Final Standings 1999-2012

EHF Men’s Challenge Trophy (Tournaments):

1999 2001 2003 2005 2007 2009 2012

Irish Olympic Handball Association

IOHA Senior Leagues (Decade / Era Overviews):

Irish Olympic Handball Association | Senior Men’s League 2001-2006

Irish Olympic Handball Association | Senior Men’s League 2011-2019

Irish Olympic Handball Association | Senior Ladies League 2014-2019

IOHA Senior Men’s League (Seasons):

2001-02 2002-03 2003-04

IOHA Senior Men’s League (Seasons):

2011-12 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19

IOHA Senior Men League (Seasons):


IOHA Senior Ladies League (Seasons):

2015-16 2016-17 2017-18

IOHA Senior Women League (Seasons):



Korfball is the Dutch variant of Basketball or Netball and has been played in Netherlands and Belgium since the early 20th Century.

It has been played in Ireland since around 2009 when the Ireland Korfball International team first entered the IKF European Championships.

While there is no league in Ireland as yet, the International team enters Tournaments in the United Kingdom, Belgium and Netherlands.

In keeping with the Dutch ‘Total Football’ Tradition the Attackers and Defenders swap positions after two scores by either team, making an All-Rounders game.

Below you will find links to various competitions in which Ireland entered.

International Korfball Federation (Overviews):

IKF logo los

International Korfball Federation Logo [Ref: 3]

International Korfball Federation | European Korfball Championship 2010-2018

International Korfball Federation | European Korfball Championship | Round 1 2016-2017

International Korfball Federation | World Korfball Championship (Finals):


International Korfball Federation | European Championships (Finals):

2010 2014

International Korfball Federation | European Championships Round 1 (Qualifying):

2016 2017

Korfball Tournaments:

British Student Korfball Association | 1st International Invitational Trophy 2017

Korfball Teams:

IKF | European Korfball Championships | Ireland’s Record 2009-2016

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Pesapallo is the Finnish version of Baseball and is their National Sport.

It has an unusual form of pitching and players run zig-zags through bases.

There is a game played on their National Holiday every year at the Finnish Embassy in Ireland.

Here is a Video of the sport from the New York Times, as shared by the Irish-Finnish Society on Facebook [Accessed 27 June 2019]

Finnish Pesapallo Super Series:

Pesapallo (Finland) Men’s 2019

Roller Hockey

Irish Rink / Roller Hockey Associations

Irish Roller Hockey Association Roller Hockey League (Seasons): 1995

Irish Rink Hockey Association Senior Spring League (Seasons): 2017

Inter-Provincial & Inter-County Roller Hockey (Seasons):

Inter-County Roller Hockey Challenge Matches: 1939

Roller Hockey County Leagues (Seasons):

County Roller Hockey Leagues (Decade / Era Finals):

Waterford Roller Hockey League | Olympia Cup Finals 1949-1950

Leinster Rink Hockey League: 1910

Limerick Senior Roller Hockey League: 1941

Drimnagh Civic Week Roller Hockey Matches: 1949

Dublin Roller Hockey League | Classic Shield (League): 1950

Dublin Roller Hockey League | Butlins Challenge Cup: 1950

World Roller Hockey Leagues

Roller hockey is the National Sport of Portugal.

Portuguese Roller Hockey League 2015-Present

Bandy and Ball Hockey

Bandy is one of Russia’s National Sports, where it is known as Hockey with a Ball as opposed to Hockey with a Puck (Ice Hockey).

It is played on Ice with a ball rather than a puck.

Versions of the sport include Innebandy (also known as Floorball in Europe or Ball Hockey in North America) where runners are used on a hard floor rather than blades or roller skates. (see for more details on Floor Hockey and Ball Hockey – Floorball results also available at: and Ball Hockey Results also available at: )

Russian Bandy (Major League)

Russian Bandy Super League

Bandy Super League (Russia) 2018-19

Ball Hockey

Ball Hockey is a version of Ice Hockey played on a hard floor with a ball rather than a puck, and with runners rather than skates. It is very similar to Innebandy (Russia) and Floorball (Europe), with the three sports being very much the one sport with minor Continental variations.

For more on Floorball see:

Unihoc is also similar, except it is played with a puck rather than ball. see: for more details.

Ball Hockey (Overviews):

World Ball Hockey Federation | World 5v5 Championships | Women | Pittsburgh 2015


Floorball is a version of Ice Hockey played on a hard floor with a ball rather than a puck, and without skates.

It has been included in the Special Olympics World winter Games since the early 21st Century.

Below you will find the results & tables of various competitions:

Special Olympics World Winter Games:

Special Olympics World Winter Games | Floorball Austria 2017

Native European

Calcio Storico Fiorentino

A Medieval Football game, first organised in Renaissance Florence, Tuscany, Italy, that was first played by workers between breaks in work, and then organised matches beginning in 1530.

The earliest orgainsed Football matches anywhere in the world, as far as Eirball has discovered, although earlier reports in Ancient Europe, Greece, Rome, Italy and China mention similar games, though of what nature is hard to discern – they may just have been children’s catching games. [See articles on Medieval Football at: Medieval Celtic Sports for more information and references on this]

Calcio Storico Fiorentino

Calcio Storico Fiorentino Finals 1952-Present

Calcio Storico Fiorentino (Seasons): 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010

Calcio Storico Fiorentino August Festival (Seasons): 2012Advertisements

Basque Pelota

Pelota is the Traditional Basque game, and is their version of Handball.

There are a number of variations including Fronton, Trinquet and Jai Alai.

Below you will find links to various competitions in the Spanish Basque Country (Euskadi), French Basque Country (Pays Basque) and Navarre.

ASPE Pelota (Spanish Basque Country):

ASPE Pelota| Campeonato Cuatro y Medio 2000-2017

ASPE Pelota Campeonato Manomanista Lep.M (Seasons): 2019

Federation Francaise de Pelote Basque (French Basque Country):

Federation Francaise de Pilote Basque | Fronton Place Libre – Pala | Championnat de France | Nationale A Group A 2015-2018

Federation Francaise de Pelote Basque | Trinquet – Paleta Pilote de Cuir | Championnat de France | Nationale A Groupe A 2015-2018

Georgian Lelo

Georgian Lelo Federation

SLF Samegrelo Region Championship (seasons): 2016