European Wallball Pro Tour Euro1Wall Women’s Singles End-of-Season Rankings 2018-19

European 1-Wall Tour Logo
European 1-Wall Tour Logo [References: 1]

Top 10 and Irish Ranked Players After Italian Open 2019

RankNameCountryMovementTotal Points
Top 10
1Siegersma, HarmkeNed+1433.3
2Scheffer, MirandaNed+1425
3Gimenez, MarEsp-2383.3
4Diez VictoriaEsp0241.6
5Monfils, AnneNed0228.3
6Clement, SarahBel+1226.6
7Zenistra, MarritNed-1200
8Van Der Schoot, HendriekeNed0161.6
9Potiez, ApollineBel0151.6
10Broesrsma, AnnelienNed0108.3
Irish Ranked Outside Top 10
19Havern, LorraineIrl041.6
19Prentice, SiobhanIrl041.6
24McCoy, MichelleIrl+232
50Mahon, CiaraIrl-18.3
50Ni Mhathuna, CiaraIrl-18.3
52Havern, MaryIrl-17.6
54Dunne, NiamhIrl-16.6
57Hanley, BarbaraIrl03.3
57Gallagher, PaulineIrl03.3
79Connolly, KatleenIrl-70.6
79Kelly, CatherineIrl-10.6
89Choisdealbha, BairbreIrl-10
90Ni Dhuill, CailiosaIrl-30
90McElduff, MaeveIrl-30
90Owens, NoleenIrl-30
90McCarthy, AoifeIrl-30
European Wallball Pro Tour Euro1Wall Women’s Rankings End of Season 2018-19 [Reference: 2]


Ireland’s Lorraine Havern and Siobhan Prentice finished in joint 19th on the European 1-Wall Tour in 2018-19. Dutch Handballers took up six of the top 10 places.

About Wallball

Handball was included as one of the four original Gaelic Games in the GAA charter of 1884. It is the only one to have become a genuine sport, with the game being played at a high level in USA, Canada, Australia, Mexico, France, Italy, Spain, Basque Country, Belgium, Netherlands and the UK.

Wallball is a version of the sport which attempts to unite the various versions of the sport played worldwide and the European Wallball Tour is a Pro Tour with events in Belgium, Spain, Netherlands and UK.


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