European Wallball Pro Tour Men’s Rankings End of 2017

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Top 10 & Irish Ranked Players

Top 10    
McElduff, ConorIRL1+1411.7
Kruithoff, SachaESP2-1385
Grant, DanielGBR3+1303.3
Potiez, SebastienBEL4+1266.6
Quish, PaudiIRL5+1261.6
Metayer, TanguayBEL6-3256.6
Thomson, LukeGBR7+2216.6
Van Der Schoot, KeesNED80191.6
Tristao, DanielGBR9-2156.6
Polanco, WilliamUSA100150
Irish Outside Top 10    
O’Sullivan, AnthonyIRL26-273
Kavanagh, DanielIRL32-551.6
Prentice, JamesIRL38+1843
McCavitt, ConnallIRL47-1335
Kelly, JamieIRL52-1030
Doyle, JamesIRL60-225
Kennedy, BrianIRL67-220
Coughlan, JackIRL67NE20
Hedigan, MichaelIRL69-320
McCrory, EamonIRL69-920
Hurley, John BoscoIRL77+1116.6
McNally, RichieIRL78-515
Cloake, DaraIRL80013.6
Connelly, SeamusIRL85-410
Flynn, NiallIRL97-226.6
Breen, DaraIRL103-176.3
Nolan, SeanIRL113-63.3
O’Duill, FiachraIRL120-83
Crehan, ColinIRL129-92
English, JasonIRL129-92
Noone, ConorIRL129-92
Bradshaw, LiamIRL142-101
Corbett, ColinIRL142-101
Relihan, DanielIRL142-101
Grace, ColmIRL142NE1
English, AdrianIRL142NE1


European Pro Wallball (2017) Men’s Rankings – rankings as they stand after the 2017 Dutch Open [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 14 December 2017]


Thanks to Luke Kelly.

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