European Wallball Pro Tour Women’s Rankings End of 2017

Top 10 & Irish Ranked Players

Top 10    
Scheffer, MirandaNED10475
Gimenez, MarESP20433.3
Siegersma, HarmkeNED30416.6
Havern, LorraineIRL40291.6
Diez VictoriaESP5+2246.6
Giner, AnaESP6-1216.6
De Boer, GekeNED7-1191.6
Broesrsma, AnnelienNED8+3175
Hanley, SinneadIRL9+1161.6
Monfils, AnneNED10+17153.3
`Irish Outside Top 10    
Ni Dhuill, CailiosaIRL33-430
McElduff, MaeveIRL35-325
Owens, NoleenIRL37-220
Mahon, CiaraIRL43016.6
Ni Mhathuna, CiaraIRL43016.6
Havern, MaryIRL57+27
Gallagher, PaulineIRL58+26.7
McCarthy, AoifeIRL61-75
McCoy, MichelleIRL65-13
Hanley, BarbaraIRL65-13
Kelly, CatherineIRL72-11


European Pro Wallball (2017) Women’s Rankings – rankings as they stand after the 2017 Dutch Open [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 14 December 2017]


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