Date Time League Season Match Day
August 8, 2021 3:00 am CFL Canadian Football League 2021 Week 1


Edmonton Elks363012
Ottawa REDBLACKS3301016

Edmonton Elks

Position FG Safety PAT 2XP TD Comp Att Pass Yds Rush Att Rush Yds Rec Rec Yds Int Lng Fum Lost FR Tckl Solo Asst Sack PR KR Punt PYds PAvg BFG OR


Position FG Safety PAT 2XP TD Comp Att Pass Yds Rush Att Rush Yds Rec Rec Yds Int Lng Fum Lost FR Tckl Solo Asst Sack PR KR Punt PYds PAvg BFG OR


In a highly-anticipated match between the newly-named Edmonton Elks and Ottawa REDBLACKS, the expected Quarterback duel between Edmonton’s Trevor Harris and Ottawa’s Matt Nichols failed to materialise as both defences kept the opposing teams’ Offence in check, limiting them to Field Goals before Abdul Kanneh’s Interception on his own 8-yard line late in the game which he ran back for 102 yards to the Elks endzone for the winning Touchdown.

Prior to that spectacular play Edmonton’s Sean Whyte was succesful on Field Goal attempts from 12, 52, 48 and 43 yards while the REDBLACKS Lewis Ward split the uprights from 52, 21 and 51 yards out as well as notching an extra-point.

Despite Edmonton managing 89 yards rushing for James Wilder Jr and 98 yards for Derel Walker on his return to the Elks, the biggest plays of the evening belonged to the REDBLACKS Defence.


1st Quarter

EDM – Sean Whyte 12yd FG [05:19] 0-3

OTT – Lewis Ward 52yd FG [12:22] 3-3

2nd Quarter

EDM – Sean Whyte 52yd FG [11:32] 6-3

OTT – Lewis Ward 21yd FG [14:34] 6-6

EDM – Sean Whyte 48yd FG [14:58] 9-6

3rd Quarter

EDM – Sean Whyte 43yd FG [04:40] 12-6

4th Quarter

OTT – Lewis Ward 51yd FG [01:14] 12-9

OTT – Kanneh 102yd Interception Return (Lewis Ward PAT Kick good) [09:57] 12-16

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