Date Time League Season Match Day
May 21, 2022 7:00 pm LFA Liga de Futbol Americano Playoffs 2022 Tazon Mexico V (Mexico Bowl V)


Fundidores Nuevo León638318
Gallos Negros Querétaro077014

Fundidores Nuevo León

Position FG Safety PAT 2XP TD Comp Att Pass Yds Rush Att Rush Yds Rec Rec Yds Int Lng Fum Lost FR Tckl Solo Asst Sack PR KR Punt PYds PAvg BFG OR

Gallos Negros Querétaro

Position FG Safety PAT 2XP TD Comp Att Pass Yds Rush Att Rush Yds Rec Rec Yds Int Lng Fum Lost FR Tckl Solo Asst Sack PR KR Punt PYds PAvg BFG OR


Estadio Caliente, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico
Estadio Caliente, Calzada Puerta de Hierro, El Paraiso, Tijuana, Municipio de Tijuana, Baja California, 22106, Mexico



Marcelo González opened the scoring for Fundidores Monterrey with an 11 yard run in the first quarter for a 6-0 lead (the Point After Touchdown was missed). Jason Smith recovered a fumble for a touchdown in the second quarter and with Alberto Gonzalez kicking the PAT Queretaro Black Roosters were leading 7-6 before the Smelters recovered the lead through a Field Goal to leave Monterrey 9-7 up at Halftime.

In the third quarter the Black Roosters’ Quarterback Marco Garcia sneaked into the endzone to make it 14-9 to Queretaro after another successful PAT. Monterrey again took the lead when Brandon Calzoncit ran in for a TD, but again the PAT was missed to leave Monterrey 15-14 up. Fundidores sealed the victory and their first ever Mexico Bowl with a Field Goal in the fourth quarter to leave the Final score Fundidores Monterrey 18 Gallos Negros Queretaro 14. [References: 2]


First Quarter

FUN – Marcelo González 11yd Run (PAT missed) 6-0

2nd Quarter

GNQ – Jason Smith Fumble Recovery for TD (Alberto Gonzalez PAT kick good) 6-7

FUN – FG 9-7

3rd Quarter

GNQ – Marco Garcia TD run (PAT good) 9-14

FUN – Brandon Calzoncit TD Run (PAT missed) 15-14

4th Quarter

FUN – FG 18-14


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