Date Time League Season Match Day
July 31, 2021 12:00 am Camanachd Association Shinty Senior League A 2021 Week 7




Position FG Safety PAT 2XP TD Comp Att Pass Yds Rush Att Rush Yds Rec Rec Yds Int Lng Fum Lost FR Tckl Solo Asst Sack PR KR Punt PYds PAvg BFG OR


Position FG Safety PAT 2XP TD Comp Att Pass Yds Rush Att Rush Yds Rec Rec Yds Int Lng Fum Lost FR Tckl Solo Asst Sack PR KR Punt PYds PAvg BFG OR


Kilmallie got their first points of the season with this 3-0 victory over Glenurquhart, moving to second in the table, with Lewis Birrell scoring twice and Craig MacIsaac once. Glenurquhart remained at the foot of the table with this their second loss of the season.


Kilmallie – Lewis Birrell (19′, 28′), Craig MacIsaac (31′)


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