Failed American Football Leagues

Throughout the 100-plus year history of Professional American Football rival leagues to the NFL have risen and fallen, and while most manage at least one season there are those which fail to even start – this is an index page to the brief history of those leagues.

Failed Major Leagues (1917-Present)

Failed Major Leagues

Most of these Leagues, however, have failed to even start their first season, have defrauded investors, or just suffered from a lack of mainstream publicity in the Internet Era with so much Football and other sports available to view online.

X-League Extreme Football League 2020 (L)

Pacific Pro Football 2020

Major League Football 2020

Freedom Football League 2020

American Patriot League 2018-2020

Trinity Professional Spring Football League 2018

North American Football League 2016

Women’s Arena Football League 2013

Fan Ownership League 2001

International Football Federation 2000

Professional Spring Football League 1993

International League of American Football 1990

World Indoor Football League 1988

Intercontinental Football League 1974-1975

Pro Football League 1917

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