Fastpitch Ireland Irish National Fastpitch Softball League 2019-20

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Team C6420161412
Team A6312211511
Team B6312171311
Team D60607210
Fastpitch Ireland League 2019-20 [Ref: 1-2]

Note: 3 Pts Win, 1 Pts Tie (Draw), 0 Pts Loss.


DateHome TeamAway Team
01.03.2020Team C (#1)Team D (#4)
01.03.2020Team A (#2)Team B (#3)
01.03.2020SF 1 WinnersSF 2 Winners
Softball Ireland Irish Fastpitch Softball League Playoffs 2020 [Ref: 2]

Results & Fixtures

DateAway TeamHome Team
Week 1
09.11.2019Team A7Team B7
09.11.2019Team B0Team A0
09.11.2019Team C3Team D2
09.11.2019Team D2Team C3
Week 2
Team A3Team D2
Team D1Team A8
Team B3Team C2
Team C4Team B3
Week 3
01.02.2020Team A3Team C2
01.02.2020Team C1Team A0
01.02.2020Team B2Team D0
01.02.2020Team D0Team B2
Softball Ireland Irish Fastpitch League 2019-20 [Ref: 1-2]


Fastpitch Softball is a competitive version of Recreational Mixed Softball, or Baseball, and in USA is primarily a Competitive Women’s version of the game, with a Professional League for women: National Pro Fastpitch.

It differs from the Recreational Coed version of the sport in that the pitching is very fast, and does not have to be in a soft arc like in traditional softball.

The Irish Fastpitch Softball League was started in 2019-20 (although it is currently Coed / Mixed – with an even number of Males and Females), after a decade of Softball Ireland’s Fadtpitch Programme, which included the start of the Women’s Ireland National Team.

There were intended to be Playoffs played, but unfortunately due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic, Week 4 (Playoffs) had to be cancelled.

All matches were played at The National Indoor Arena in Blachardstown, Dublin 15, on the Indoor Turf Pitch.

Irish National Fastpitch League Teams A & B 2019-20 [Ref: 5][Adjusted]
Irish National Fastpitch League Teams C & D 2019-20 [Ref: 4][Adjusted]


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