Federation Espana de Football Americano LNFA Series (Spain) A 2017-2018

LNFA Serie A 2017

Badalona Dracs10910430119.900
Reus Imperials10820356292.800
Valencia Firebats10460229307.400
Murcia Cobras10460204218.400
Valencia Giants10370235325.300
Barbera Rookies10280206399.200
Federation Espana Football Americano LNFA Serie A Results 2017 [Ref: 23 December 2017]
DateHome TeamAway Team
20.05.2017Reus Imperials32Valencia Firebats28
21.05.2017Badalona Dracs21Murcia Cobras13
03.06.2017Badalona Dracs56Reus Imperials14
Federation Espana Football Americano LNFA Serie A Playoffs 2017 [Ref: 23 December 2017]

LNFA Serie A 2018

Murcia Cobras8800293391.000
Badalona Dracs6600278351.000
LG OLED Black Demons871031966.875
Rivas Osos871029069.875
Coslada Camioneros862026139.750
Valencia Firebats633096135.500
Gijon Mariners8440172186.500
Valencia Giants8440118193.500
Mallorca Voltors63301120170.500
Santurtzi Coyotes8260101263.250
Granada Lions817042238.125
Alicante Sharks817035240.125
L’Hospitalet Pioners606047201.000
Santiago Black Ravens808020318.000
Federation Espana Football Americano LNFA Serie A Results 2018 [Ref: 21 January 2019]
DateHome TeamAway Team
28.04.2018Granada Lions10Valencia Firebats53
28.04.2018Coslada Camioneros42Alicante Sharks0
29.04.2018Gijon Mariners50Santurtzi Coyotes0
29.04.2018Valencia Giants2Mallorca Voltors41
05.04.2018Rivas Osos20Valencia Firebats15
05.04.2018LG OLED Black Demons22Coslada Camioneros12
05.04.2018Murcia Cobras35Mallorca Voltors14
06.05.2018Badalona Dracs78Gijon Mariners12
19.05.2018Murcia Cobras35LG OLED Black Demons28
20.05.2018Badalona Dracs48Rivas Osos0
Spanish Bowl
02.06.2018Murcia Cobras26Badalona Dracs33
Federation Espana Football Americano LNFA Serie A Playoffs 2018 [Ref: 21 January 2019]


Badalona Dracs won the Spanish Bowl in 2017 and 2018, defeating Reus Imperials 56-14 in 2017 and Murcia Cobras 33-26 in 2018.


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