Federation of American Football Bulgaria Flag Football 2014

Griffon Bowl VII – Blagoevgrad

Bulgarian American Football Association Griffon Bowl VII 2014

PosTeamWLTPctPFPANet PtsStreak
1Sofia Bears3001.000693831W3
2Sofia Hawks1200.3333648-12L2
3Blagoevgrad Griffons0200.0002039-19L2

Seven Hills Tournament – Plovdiv

Bulgarian American Football Association Seven Hills Tournament 2014

PosTeamWLTPctPFPANet PtsStreak
1Sofia Bears3001.000693039W3
2Sofia Hawks1200.3334856-8W1
3Plovdiv Wolves0200.0001243-31L2

Federation Cup – Sofia

Bulgarian American Football Association Federation Cup 2014

PosTeamWLTPctPFPANet PtsStreak
1Sofia Bears3001.000892861W3
2Plovdiv Wolves1200.3333970-31L2
3Sofia Hawks0200.0001343-30L2


Sofia Bears won all three Flag football Tournaments held from March to May 2014, defeating Sofia Hawks in the Griffon Bowl VII in Blagoevgrad and Seven Hills Tournament Final in Plovdiv, and then Plovdiv Wolves in the Federation Cup Final in Sofia.

Sofia Bears receiving the Federation Cup 2014 [References: 4]

ABOUT THE Federation of American Football Bulgaria Flag Football Bowls

The Federation of American Football Bulgaria runs a series of Flag Football Bowls over the course of a season. Each one is held in a different city with Group Games and a Bowl Game for the Top Two teams.


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