Federazione Italiana Football Americano 1977


DateHome Team Away Team 
1977Diavoli Milano36Lupi Roma12
1977Tori Torino12Veltri Bologna8
1977Diavloli Milano8Tori Torino13

Reference: [1]


The first domestic Italian American Football League was the Northern Italian Football League , started in 1976, following the first unsuccessful attempts at introducing Pro American Football to Europe in 1973-1975, with the Intercontinental Football League, which was to feature NFL players, and six teams in Europe, including the Rome Gladiators in Italy.

The FIFA (Federazione Italiano Football Americano) association was set up the following year, in 1977, with a four-team National Playoff.

The Diavoli Milano (Milan Devils) beat the Lupi Roma (Rome Wolves) 36-12 in one Semi-Final and the Tori Torino beat the Veltri Bologna in the other by a score of 12-8.

Torino then beat Milano 13-8 in thde Final, to claim the first Italian National Championship.

The Italian League was the first domestic American Football League in Europe, with the game being restricted to US Army men playing at Air Force bases in Europe prior to that. The film M*A*S*H had popularised American Football in Europe in 1970, the first time the game had been seen on screen in Europe in a Major Film. See the Intercontinental Football League 1970-1975: Intercontinental Football League 1970-1975



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