Female American Football

There are both serious Women’s American Football Leagues and the Lingerie / Legends Football Leagues, where players play in skimpy kit.

Women’s American Football

Women’s Football Alliance (USA):

Woman’s Football Alliance Division I 2017-Present

Mexican Women’s American Football Leagues:

FXF Football Xtremo Femenil (Mexico) 2019

The Lingerie Bowl was first played in 2004 as a rival to the Super Bowl half-time show which was seen by many fans as two long and boring. It was aired on a rival TV network and featured two teams of scantily-clad Women. The Bowl eventually came a fully-fledged league in 2009. The owner of the League admitted it was aimed at beer-drinking college students and following claims of sexism the Lingerie was replaced by bicycle shorts and crop-tops, and the League renamed the Legends Football League.

Ladies Indoor Football Leagues

Super 8 Football League Ladies Baja (Mexico):

Super 8 Football League Ladies Championship 2016-2017

Legends Football Leagues

United States Lingerie / Legends Football Leagues

Lingerie Bowl 2004-2009

Lingerie Football League 2009-2012

Legends Football League United States 2013-2019

World Lingerie / Legends Football Leagues

Lingerie Football League Canada 2012-13

Legends Football League | Australia 2013-2014

Pretty Girls Football League | Mexico 2017

Legends Football League United States (Seasons):


Women’s X-Leagues

X-League Extreme Football League (Seasons):


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