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Fermanagh and Western Football League Division 1 Roll of Honour 1904-Present

Fermanagh and Western Football League Logo [Reference: 1]

League Winners – Division 1 1904-05 to Present

1904-05St. Michaels Hall Celtic
1905-06St. Michaels Hall Celtic
1906-07Sligo Athletic
1907-08St. Michaels Hall Celtic
1908-09St. Michaels Hall Celtic
1909-10St. Michaels Hall Celtic
1910-11Clones Celtic
1911-12Royal Irish Fusiliers (Cavan)
1912-13Irvinestown Wanderers
1919-20Omagh Wanderers
1920-21Enniskillen Corinthians
1921-22Omagh Wanderers
1922-23Enniskillen Corinthians
1923-24Fermanagh Constabulary
1924-25Melvin United
1926-27Enniskillen Corinthians
1927-28Enniskillen Corinthians
1928-29Enniskillen Corinthians
1929-30Royal Inniskilling & Royal Irish Fusiliers
1930-31Enniskillen GNR
1931-32Omagh United Omagh Depot
1932-33Omagh Depot
1933-34Omagh Depot
1934-35Enniskillen Corinthians
1935-36Enniskillen Corinthians
1936-37Omagh Depot
1938-39RUC Depot
1939-40RUC Depot
1940-418th Foresters
1941-42Enniskillen Corinthians
1943-44RAF Killadeas
1944-45RAF Killadeas
1947-48ITC (Omagh)
1950-51Fivemiletown United
1951-52Fivemiletown United
1952-53Enniskillen Corinthians
1953-54Enniskillen Corinthians
1954-55Enniskillen Rangers
1955-56Enniskillen Corinthians
1956-57Enniskillen Rangers
1958-59Enniskillen Rangers
1961-62Enniskillen Rangers
1962-63Enniskillen Rangers
1963-64Enniskillen Rangers
1964-65Enniskillen Rangers
1965-66Enniskillen Rangers
1966-67Omagh Celtic
1967-68Lisbellaw United
1968-69Lisbellaw United
1969-70Enniskillen Corinthians
1970-71Enniskillen Corinthians
1971-72Mourneview Celtic
1972-73Enniskillen Rangers
1973-74Kevlin United
1974-75Kevlin United
1975-76Lisbellaw United
1976-77Enniskillen Rangers
1977-78Lisbellaw United
1978-79Lisbellaw United
1979-80Lisbellaw United
1980-81Lisbellaw United
1981-82Enniskillen Rangers
1985-86Victoria Bridge United
1986-87Irvinestown Wanderers
1987-88Enniskillen Rangers
1988-89Irvinestown Wanderers
1989-90Enniskillen Rangers
1990-91Enniskillen Rangers
1991-92Enniskillen Rangers *
1995-96Dergview *
1997-98Ballinamallard United Reserves
1998-99Enniskillen Rangers
2000-01Not Completed
2001-02Ballinamallard United Reserves
2002-03Shelbourne *
2003-04Lisnaskea United
2004-05Enniskillen Town United
2005-06Enniskillen Town United
2006-07Enniskillen Town United
2007-08Enniskillen Town United
2008-09Enniskillen Town United
2009-10Lisbellaw United
2010-11Lisbellaw United
2011-12Lisbellaw United
2012-13Enniskillen Town United
2013-14Strathroy Harps
2014-15Strathroy Harps
2015-16Lisbellaw United
2016-17Strathroy Harps
2017-18Enniskillen Rangers
2018-19Enniskillen Rangers
2019-20Tummery Athletic
2020-21Not Completed
[References: 2-3]

Note: * Won after Playoff.


The Fermanagh and Western Football League (Soccer) played its first seasn in 1904-05, which was won by St. Michaels Hall Celtic who won five of the first six league titles. After a break from 2013-14 to 2018-19 due to World War I, Enniskillen Corinthians emerged as the next great team, winning five titles in the 1920s. They won two more in the 1930s with Omagh Depot three times winners during the decade. RAF teams won five Championships during World War II, but then when things went back to normal, Fivemiletown United won twice to start off the 1950s, then Enniskillen Corinthians won three times in four years, vying for the title with Enniskille Rangers who won three in five years.

In the 1960s Enniskillen Rangers took over as the dominant club, winning five in a row from 1961-62 to 1965-66. Lisbellaw United won twice and the Enniskillen Corinthians twice to finish off the decade. The 1970s saw a Lisbellaw United win five times in six yearsfrom 1975-76 to 1980-81. Shelbourne then won three in a row before Irvinestown Wanderers (twice) and Enniskillen Rangers (four times) decided the Championshp between themselves from 1984-85 to 1991-92. Then for the next five years it was Shelbourne (twice) and Dergview (three times Champions).

Ballinamallard United Reserves won twice either side of the Millennium, and Enniskillen Town United won five in a row from 2004-05 to 2008-09, the first team since Enniskillen Rangers in 1965-66 to achieve that feat. Lisbellaw United won three in a row immediately following that, and Strathroy Harps then won three times in four years. Enniskillen Rangers won two times in the late 2010s, before Tummery Athletic put a new name on the winners roll in 2019-20. The season was not completed in 2020-21.



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