FIBA Europe

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FIBA Europe Mens Competitions

EuroBasket; Celtic Clash; U18, European Championships, U15 Friendlies

FIBA Europe | Eurobasket | Division B Qualifying Round (Senior Men) (Editions): 2005 2007 2009

FIBA Europe: Senior Men Celtic Clash (Editions): 2017

FIBA Europe: U18 Men European Championships (Editions): 2017

FIBA Europe: U15 Men Friendlies (Editions): 2017

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FIBA Europe Womens Competitions

EuroBasket; U20 European Championship; Senior Friendlies; U17/U16 Friendlies

FIBA Europe | Eurobasket Women Division B Qualifying Round (Senior Women) (Editions): 2005 2007 2009

FIBA Europe U20 Womens European Championship (Editions): 2016

FIBA Europe: Senior Women Friendlies (Editions): 2017

FIBA Europe: U17 Women Friendlies (Editions): 2017

FIBA Europe: U16 Women Friendlies (Seasons): 2017

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FIBA Europe: Club Competitions

European Champions Cup; BIBF Federation Cup

FIBA Europe Club Competitons (Overviews):

Federation Internationale de Basket Europe | European Champions Cup 1961-1986

British & Irish Basketball Federation | Federation Cup 1980-1983

FIBA Europe Cup (Seasons): 2015-16

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