Flag Football Ireland Irish Flag Football League Emerald Bowl Conference 2016-17

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Final League Table

EBC East        
*Dublin Vipers8710026211221
*University College Dublin8710027918321
Dublin IT Spartans826002422896
EBC North        
*Edenderry Eagles8611033812019
*Craigavon Cowboys8611027615419
Antrim Jets8080-920277-9
EBC South        
*Dublin Rebels862002599818
Marble City Mud Dogs8440016514112
Waterford Wolves8170-637293-3
EBC West        
*North Kildare Reapers8440026125212
Mullingar Minotaurs8440-32552179
Athlone Minotaurs808001323900


Points System: 3 Pts Win / 1 Pt Tie / 0 Pts Loss / -1 Pt Forfeit # / -1 Pt Failing to provide officials for a round of fixtures #

x – Division Winners : Qualify for Semi-Finals / y – Division Winners: Qualify for Quarter-Finals / z – Wildcard Qualifier for Quarter-Finals

Playoff Results

DateHome Team Away Team 
 Quarter-Finals  (Dublin Rebels) 
04.02.17Dublin Rebels0Craigavon Cowboys40
04.02.17North Kildare Reapers41UCD39
 Semi-Finals  (Craigavon) 
25.02.17Dublin Vipers20Craigavon Cowboys18
25.02.17Edenderry EaglesWNorth Kildare ReapersL
 Emerald Bowl III  (Kernan Playing Fields, Portadown)  
25.02.17Dublin Vipers26Edenderry Eagles20

Scores:[14][16] Emerald Bowl Venue: [15]


DateHome Team Away Team 
 Week 1   
22.10.16Dublin Rebels78Waterford Wolves0
22.10.16Waterford Wolves7Marble City Mud Dogs31
22.10.16Marble City Mud Dogs19Dublin Rebels26
 Week 1  (Edenderry) 
22.10.16Edenderry Eagles60Craigavon Cowboys26
22.10.16Craigavon Cowboys40Antrim Jets20
22.10.16Antrim Jets0Edenderry Eagles57
 Week 2  (North Kildare) 
05.11.16North Kildare Reapers29Mullingar Minotaurs27
05.11.16Mullingar Minotaurs48Athlone Minotaurs19
05.11.16Athlone Minotaurs18North Kildare Reapers40
 Week 2  (DIT) 
05.11.16Dublin IT Spartans24UCD34
05.11.16UCD27Dublin Vipers25
05.11.16Dublin Vipers51Dublin IT Spartans6
 Week 3  (Dublin Vipers) 
12.11.16UCD30Waterford Wolves0 #
12.11.16Waterford Wolves0 #Dublin Vipers30
 Week 3  (Craigavon) 
12.11.16Craigavon Cowboys42Edenderry Eagles42
12.11.16Edenderry Eagles30Antrim Jets0 #
12.11.16Antrim Jets0 #Craigavon Cowboys30
 Week 4  (DIT) 
26.11.16North Kildare Reapers6Craigavon Cowboys12
26.11.16Craigavon Cowboys32Dublin IT Spartans26
26.11.16Dublin IT Spartans28North Kildare Reapers29
 Week 4  (Dublin Rebels) 
26.11.16Dublin Rebels18Edenderry Eagles38
26.11.16Edenderry Eagles30Athlone Minotaurs0 #
26.11.16Athlone Minotaurs0 #Dublin Rebels30
 Week 5  (Athlone) 
03.12.16UCD60Dublin IT Spartans44
03.12.16Athlone Minotaurs26UCD46
03.12.16Dublin IT Spartans66Athlone Minotaurs38
 Week 5  (Waterford) 
03.12.16Waterford Wolves0Craigavon Cowboys64
03.12.16Craigavon Cowboys30Mullingar Minotaurs0 #
03.12.16Mullingar Minotaurs0 #Waterford Wolves30
Week 6
 (North Kildare)  
14.01.17North Kildare Reapers13Dublin Vipers16
14.01.17Dublin Vipers20Edenderry Eagles16
14.01.17Edenderry Eagles65North Kildare Reapers14
 Week 6  (Marble City) 
14.01.17Waterford Wolves0 #Dublin Rebels30
14.01.17Dublin Rebels28Marble City Mud Dogs21
14.01.17Antrim Jets0 #Marble City Mud Dogs30
14.01.17Marble City Mud Dogs34Mullingar Minotaurs20
14.01.17Mullingar Minotaurs30Antrim Jets0 #
14.01.17Marble City Mud Dogs30Waterford Wolves0 #
 Week 7  (UCD) 
21.01.17UCD20Dublin Rebels19
21.01.17Dublin IT Spartans18Dublin Vipers45
21.01.17Dublin Vipers45UCD32
21.01.17Marble City Mud Dogs0Dublin IT Spartans30
21.01.17Dublin Vipers30Marble City Mud Dogs0 #
21.01.17Dublin Rebels30Antrim Jets0 #
21.01.17Antrim Jets0 #UCD30
 Week 7  (Mullingar) 
21.01.17Mullingar Minotaurs74North Kildare Reapers56
21.01.17North Kildare Reapers74Athlone Minotaurs12
21.01.17Athlone Minotaurs19Mullingar Minoaturs56

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Thanks to Sean Douglas (Dublin Rebels) and Joe Gray (Dublin Vipers).

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