Flag Football Ireland Tournaments 2017-18

Flag Football Ireland Logo [References: 2]

Composite Table 2017-18

FFI Tournaments 2017-18RegularBowlsAll Games
Ulster & ConnachtPW-L-TW-L-TW-L-TPct
Craigavon Cowboys106-4-00-0-06-4-0.600
Coleraine Elks51-3-10-0-01-3-1.300
Galway Warriors (C)10-1-00-1-0.000
Belfast Trojans30-3-00-0-00-3-0.000
Westmeath Minotaurs (B,B,B,C)109-1-03-1-012-2-0
Louth Mavericks71-6-00-0-01-6-0.143
Meath Bulldogs50-4-10-0-00-4-1.000
Maynooth University Hurricanes50-5-00-0-00-5-0.000
Edenderry Eagles20-2-00-0-00-2-0.000
Dublin & Munster
Dublin Bay Raptors (B)108-2-00-1-08-3-0.727
University College Dublin (B,B)75-2-01-1-06-3-0.667
South Dublin Panthers107-2-10-0-07-3-1.750
University College Cork Raiders103-6-10-0-03-6-1.350
[References compiled from Results in 3-27]

Note: The above Table is a composite table, adding the records of each of the teams for the five tournaments. Pct = Winning Percentage over entire season. Teams are Ranked by 1. Number of Wins. 2. Winning Percentage. 3. Number of Losses.

The 2017-18 Flag Football Ireland Season was intended as a break from the League in order to grow the game – it seems to have worked – from 7 teams in the League in 2017 – there were 19 in 2018, and in 2019 there were 25 teams. Westmeath Minotaurs won three of the Bowl Games, including the last one, the Simon Bowl in Dundalk, triumphing 20-13 over Dublin Bay Raptors.

The Tournaments featured a European Team from a US Air Force Base in Germany – Kaiserslautern Screamin’ Eagles – making it an International Tournament like the Celtic Bowl of 2015. I was also Co-ed – men & women could both play.

Bowl Games

 Michael McCormick Cup Mullingar  
 08.10.2017Westmeath MinotaursWGalway WarriorsL
14.10.2017Dublin Bay Raptors26South Dublin Panthers18
 Pink Panther Bowl Westmannstown 
28.10.2017University College DublinWWestmeath MinotaursL
 Jigsaw Bowl  Maynooth 
25.11.2017Westmeath MinotaursW ^University College DublinL
 Simon Bowl  Dundalk 
27.01.2018Westmeath Minotaurs20Dublin Bay Raptors13
[References: 3-27]

Michael McCormack Memorial Cup, 8 October 2017, Mullingar

*Westmeath Minotaurs       
*Galway Warriors       
*Edenderry Eagles       
[References: 3-6]

Reference: [1][2][4]

DateHome Team Away Team 
 Westmeath MinotaursWGalway WarriorsL
[References: 3-6]




Westmeath Minotaurs (Winners) & Galway Warriors (Runners-Up) Michael McCormack Memorial Cup 2017 [3]

Westmeath Minotaurs beat Galway Warriors in the Final in the Michael McCormack Memorial Cup they hosted. [1][2]

Pink Panther Bowl, 28 October 2017 Westmanstown

*University College Dublin3300  1.000
Westmeath Minotaurs4220  .500
Craigavon Cowboys4220  .500
South Dublin Panthers4310  .750
UCC Raiders4230  .400
Dublin Bay Raptors3120  .333
Maynooth University Hurricanes3030  .000

Table Compiled from Results

DateHome Team Away Team 
 Winners Bracket  Round 1 
28.10.17Maynooth University Hurricanes0UCC Raiders28
28.10.17South Dublin Panthers13Dublin Bay Raptors6
28.10.17Westmeath Minotaurs12Craigavon Cowboys30
 Winners Bracket  Semi-Finals 
28.10.2017University College Dublin17UCC Raiders12
28.10.2017South Dublin Panthers13Craigavon Cowboys25
 Winners Bracket  Final 
28.10.2017University College Dublin13Craigavon Cowboys6
 Losers Bracket  Round 1 
28.10.2017Maynooth University Hurricanes18Dublin Bay Raptors34
28.10.2017Westmeath Minotaurs20UCC Raiders6
28.10.2017South Dublin Panthers22Maynooth University Hurricanes20
 Losers Bracket  Round 2 
28.10.2017Dublin Bay Raptors18UCC Raiders26
28.10.2017Westmeath Minotaurs South Dublin Panthers 
 Losers Bracket  Semi-Final 
28.10.2017UCC Raiders6South Dublin Panthers15
 Losers Bracket  Final 
28.10.2017Craigavon Cowboys Westmeath Minotaurs 
 Pink Panter Bowl Winners Bracket v Losers Bracket 
28.10.2017University College DublinWWestmeath MinotaursL
[References: 7-10]


Tournament was Double-Elimination with a minimum of 3 games per team

UCD Pink Panther Bowl Champions 2017 – Photo Courtesy Terence McCann [9]

Jigsaw Bowl, 25 November 2017 Maynooth

Group A       
*University College Dublin220040126
South Dublin Panthers220039216
Louth Mavericks202014340
Maynooth University Hurricanes202019450
Group B       
*Westmeath Minotaurs22006776
Dublin Bay Raptors220050246
UCC Raiders202013440
Meath Bulldogs202018730
[Refernces: Table Compiled from Results in 11-14]

DateHome Team Away Team 
25.11.2017University College DublinLWestmeath MinotaursW ^
{references: 11-14]


DateHome Team Away Team 
 Group A   
25.11.2017University College Dublin14Louth Mavericks6
25.11.2017South Dublin Panthers19Maynooth University Hurricanes13
25.11.2017Maynooth University Hurricanes6University College Dublin26
25.11.2017Louth Mavericks8South Dublin Panthers20
 Group B   
25.11.2017Westmeath Minotaurs25UCC Raiders 
25.11.2017Dublin Bay Raptors31Meath Bulldogs18
25.11.2017UCC Raiders6Dublin Bay Raptors19
25.11.2017Meath Bulldogs0Westeath Minotaurs42
[References: 11-14]


Westmeath Minotaurs won the second Flag football tournament of the season in Maynooth, winning both group games and then defeating UCD in the final. After the group stage where each team played twice there was a straight final due to the fading light as the tournament was behind schedule. This left both the Dubliin Bay Raptors and South Dublin Panthers bitterly disappointed as they would be knocked out on points difference despite winning both of their group games like UCD and the Minotaurs.

The Final went into overtime with Westmeath emerging winners with a Niall King touchdown catch. Jack Lynch proved the standout on the day catching 7 TD passes as well as returning an interception for a touchdown.


Westmeath Minotaurs – Jigsaw Bowl Champions 2017

Marie Curie Cup, 2 December 2017, Portadown

Marie Curie Cup 2017 Logo
DateTeam 1 Team 2 
02.12.2017Craigavon Cowboys58Louth Mavericks21
02.12.2017Coleraine Elks31Louth Mavericks21
02.12.2017Craigavon Cowboys44Coleraine Elks18


*Craigavon Cowboys2200102396
Coleraine Elks211049653
Louth Mavericks202042890
[references: compiled from results in 15-19]


Marie Curie CupKernan Playing Fields, Portadown (Armagh, Banbridge & Craigavon)
Image: Craigavon Cowboys – Marie Curie Cup Winners 2017[8]

Craigavon Cowboys won the tournament they hosted in aid of Marie Curie, defeating both the Louth Mavericks and Ulster University Coleraine Elks. the elks would win their first ever match since they were resurrected, 31-21 against Louth Mavericks, who gave them a good game, for second place in the three-team cup.[9]

Simon Bowl, 27 January 2018, Dundalk

*Dublin Bay Raptors330077199
*Craigavon Cowboys321078526
University College Dublin312038663
Coleraine Elks302134651
Meath Bulldogs30218511
*Westmeath Minotaurs330091279
*South Dublin Panthers321047326
UCC Raiders311138484
Louth Mavericks312047593
Belfast Trojans303021600
[References: Table Compiled from Results in 20-27]
TimeHome Team Away Team 
2:30Dublin Bay Raptors WSouth Dublin Panthers
2:30Westmeath MinotaursCraigavon Cowboys
3:15Westmeath Minotaurs20Dublin Bay Raptors13
[References: 20-27]
TimeHome Team Away Team 
10:45Craigavon Cowboys27UCD13
10:45Coleraine Elks8Meath Bulldogs8
11:30Dublin Bay Raptors25Craigavon Cowboys13
12:15UCD19Coleraine Elks12
12:15Meath Bulldogs0Dublin Bay Raptors25
1:00Craigavon Cowboys38Coleraine Elks14
1:45UCD6Dublin Bay Raptors27
10:45South Dublin Panthers13Belfast Trojans6
11:30UCC Raiders7Westmeath Minotaurs35
11:30South Dublin Panthers21Louth Mavericks13
12:15Belfast Trojans6Westmeath Minotaurs27
1:00Westmeath Minotaurs29Louth Mavericks14
1:00UCC Raiders13South Dublin Panthers13
1:45Louth Mavericks20Belfast Trojans9
1:45UCC Raiders18Meath Bulldogs0
[References: 20-27]

Westmeath Minotaurs won their second straight Flag Bowl Tournament with a 20-13 victory over the Dublin Bay Raptors in the Final. Held in aid of the Simon Communities Charity for the Homeless, the Minotaurs won all five games, racking up 91 points in three group games behind QB Dermot Corroon
with Jack Lynch and Jason Owens on Offense and Chris Gilbert and David Walsh on Defense also having outstanding days.

The Dublin Bay Raptors won the other group in fine style also, winning all three games, and making sure to rack up the points also after the disappointment of the Maynooth Tournament, winning all three of their games like the Minotaurs.

After despatching the Panthers and Cowboys in the Semi-Finals, the Raptors and Minotaurs would meet undefeated in the Final, in what was a tense game. The Minotaurs would win their second Bowl in a row 20-13 after MVP Conor McGroarty of the Raptors was stopped yards from the line as time ran out.

Westmeath Minotaurs – Simon Bowl Champions 2018 [16]


DateHome TeamAway Team
14.10.2017South Dublin Panthers18Dublin Bay Raptors26
[References: 28]


Pink Panther BowlWestmanstown RFC, Co. South Dublin (Host: Panthers)
Jigsaw BowlMaynooth University, Co. Kildare (Host: Maynooth University Hurricanes)
Simon BowlDundalk IT, Co. Louth (Host:Louth Mavericks)
UCC BowlUCC, Cork City (Host: UCC Raiders)




Pink Panther 
JigsawJack Lynch (Westmeath Minotaurs)
SimonConor McGroarty (Dublin Bay Raptors) [17][18]

Jack Lynch – Jigsaw Bowl MVP 2017 [9]


Conor McGroart – Simon MVP 2017



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Michael McCormick Cup

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Thanks to Todd Zboyan, Decy Maher, Ken Jackson & Brianna Wallace, Tom Gallagher, Anton “Pippo” O’Grady and Jonathan Spielberg, Sean Douglas, Jonathan Spielberg, Joe Grey (Dublin Bay Raptors).

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