Flag Oceane Senior Competition 2001

Flag Oceane Logo 2008 [References: 1]

Final Standings Senior Flag 2001

Flag Oceane Senior Competition Overall Rankings 2001

1Team USA (Flag Magazine USA)2001.000
2Ramstein Knights (KMC-US Army)1100.500
3Le Plessis-Robinson Mousquetaires 2 (Fra)1100.500
4Aguilas Blancas (Mex)0000
5St. Ouen l'Aumône Crevettes (Fra)0000
6Clermont-Ferrand Flying Bougnats (Fra)0000
7La Corneuve Flashs (Fra)0000
8Troyes Pygargues (Fra)0000
9La Queue en Brie Gladiateurs 1 (Fra)0000
10Le Plessis-Robinson Mousquetaires 1 (Fra)0000
11Sannois Gaulois (Fra)0000
12Big Binouz0000
13Asnières Molosses 2 (Fra)0000
14La Queue en Brie Gladiateurs 2 (Fra)0000
15Tours Pionniers / Orléans Chevaliers (Fra) 0000
16Asnières Molosses 1 (Fra)0000
17Reims Jaguars (Fra)0000
18Rouen Léopards (Fra)0000
19Garches Waoki (Fra)0000
20Klosterneuberg Indians (Aut)0200.000

[References: 2]


[References: 2]


Team USA represented by Flag Magazine USA won the Flag Oceane in 2001, defeating USA Air Force base team Ramstein Knights (Based in Germany) 34-18 in the Final of the Senior Competition. Le Plessis-Robinson Mousquetaires 2 (France) came third and Klosterneuberg Indians fourth of the 20 teams in the section. France’s Sannois Gaulois, named after the old Celtic name for the people living in France before the Roman conquest came 12th.

About Flag Oceane

Flag Oceane was organised by Le Havre Salamandres in Normandie, France every Summer from 1999 to 2008, becoming the biggest Flag Football competition in Europe during that time. Teams came from USA, Mexico, Canada, Israel, Ausrtria, Ukraine, England, Scotland, Denmark, Germany and Netherlands to compete in Senior, Hopeful and Leisure Open, Women’s, Cadets, Minime and Benjamins categories.


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