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Final Standings

Grupo A
Olmecas Premier (C)77002364614
Tigres Oro SSP (P)75201959710
Cougars CDMX (P)7340114166
Grupo B
Dragones Rojo CDMX (C)7331162737
Mexicas Guadalajara7241561705
Guerreros CDMX7070162770
Reference: [1]


27.07.2014Olmecas Premier35Cougars CDMX0
27.07.2014Tigres Oro SSP19Dragones Rojo CDMX14
Gran Final 2014
02.08.2014Olmecas Premier9Tigres Oro SSp14
Reference: [2-3]


DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
07.06.2014Dragones Rojo CDMX39Mexicas Guadalajara0
07.06.2014Cougars CDMX2Olmecas Premier27
07.06.2014Guerreros CDMX0Tigres Oro SSP47
Week 2
13.06.2014Guerreros CDMX0Dragones Rojo CDMX70
14.06.2014Mexicas Guadalajara8Cougars CDMX21
14.06.2014Tigres Oro SSP17Olmecas Premier28
Week 3
21.06.2014Cougars CDMX15Tigres Oro SSP21
21.06.2014Dragones Rojo CDMX6Olmecas Premier25
21.06.2014Guerreros CDMX2Mexicas Guadalajara6
Week 4
28.06.2014Mexicas Guadalajara14Tigres Oro SSP34
28.06.2014Olmecas Premier43Guerreros CDMX0
28.06.2014Dragones Rojo CDMX13Cougars CDMX14
Week 5
05.07.2014Mexicas Guadalajara28Guerreros CDMX8
05.07.2014Olmecas Premier13Cougars CDMX7
05.07.2014Tigres Oro SSP28Dragones Rojo CDMX0
Week 6
12.07.2014Tigres Oro SSP34Cougars CDMX6
12.07.2014Dragones Rojo CDMX34Guerreros CDMX6
13.07.2014Olmecas Premier66Mexicas Guadalajara0
Week 7
19.07.2014Mexicas Guadalajara0Dragones Rojo CDMX0
19.07.2014Cougars CDMX49Guerrerors CDMX0
19.07.2014Olmecas Premier34Tigres Oro SSP14
[References: 2]


The 2014 season featured five teams in Mexico City (CDMX – Ciudad Mexico), and one in Guadalajara (Mexicas – the name the Aztecs called themselves). Tigres Oro SPP beat the previously undefeated Olmecas Premier 14-9 in the Gran Final. Other teams were Dragones Rojo CDMX (Red Dragons), Cougars CDMX, Guerreros CDMX (Warriors). Tigers Oro SSP is Gold Tigers Secretaria de Securidad Publica.

Home Venues

Cougars CDMXLatigo Berner, Balbuena
Dragones Rojo CDMXManuel Rerjis, Izcalli
Guerrerors CDMXVenustiano, Carranza
Mexicas GuadalajaraGuadalajara Carneros
Olmecas PremierEjido de Oro, Perros Negros
Tigres Oro SSPLatigo Berner, Balbuena



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