FXFL Fall Experimental Football League 2014

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Final Standings 2014

Brooklyn Bolts44001.000
Omaha Mammoths4310.750
Florida Blacktips2020.000
Boston Brawlers4040.000
FXFL 2014 Standings [Reference: Compiled from Results in: 1-9]


DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
09.10.2014Omaha Mammoths41Boston Brawlers18
Week 2
15.10.2014Omaha Mammoths20Florida Blacktips19
16.10.2014Brooklyn Bolts27Boston Brawlers20
Week 3
27.10.2014Brooklyn Bolts15Omaha Mammoths13
Week 4
31.10.2014Boston BrawlersLBrooklyn BoltsW
Week 5
06.11.2014Omaha Mammoths10Boston Brawlers8
08.11.2014Brooklyn Bolts26Florida Blacktips13
FXFL 2014 Standings [Reference: 1-9]


Brooklyn Bolts went 4-0 winning the FXFL Fall Experimental Football League in 2014. Omaha Mammoths came second with a 3-1 Won-Loss Record, and Blacktips and Boston Breakers both lost all their games.


The FXFL or Fall Experimental Football League was a AAA American Football League which drew crowds in the region of 1,500 (Omaha Mammoths v Blacktips, 16 October 2014]

It operated for two seasons, with one team, the Blacktips, playing a half schedule, away from home, both seasons (although named Florida Blacktips). Brooklyn Bolts were the top team both seasons. It was related to The Spring Football League (2017 to Present), a similar showcase league playing a limited schedule.


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