FXFL Fall Experimental Football League 2015

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FXFL 2015

Brooklyn Bolts4310.750
Florida Blacktips11001.000
Hudson Valley Fort3030.000
FXFL Standings 2015 [Reference: 2]


WeekDateHome TeamAway Team
102.10.2015Brooklyn Bolts6Florida Blacktips29
210.10.2015Hudson Valley Fort23Brooklyn Bolts45
317.10.2015Brooklyn Bolts34Hudson Valley Fort9
423.10.2015Hudson Valley Fort LBrooklyn BoltsW
529.10.2015Brooklyn BoltsFlorida Blacktips
606.11.2015Hudson Valley FortFlorida Blacktips
[References: 3]


The FXFL was a Development Football League that lasted two seasons in 2014 and 2015. The 2015 season started with road team Florida Blacktips defeating Brooklyn Bolts 29-6, thereafter three games in-a-row were played by Brooklyn Bolts and Hudson Valley Fort as the New York-based league finished with all three games won by the Bolts. The Brooklyn Bolts finished top of the Standings on 3-1.

You Tube Video

Week 3 Brooklyn Bolts 34 Hudson Valley Fort 9


The FXFL or Fall Experimental Football League was a AAA American Football League which drew crowds in the region of 1,500 (Omaha Mammoths v Blacktips, 16 October 2014]

It operated for two seasons, with one team, the Blacktips, playing a half schedule, away from home, both seasons.

Brooklyn Bolts were the top team both seasons.



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You Tube

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