GAA Football World

GAA is played throughout the World with 7 Counties in the British Provincial Council (London, Warwickshire, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Hertfordshire, Gloucestershire and Scotland).

There is also another 7 Counties Worldwide (New York, United States, Canada, Australasia, Asia, Middle East, and Europe), with clubs also existing in the Cayman Islands (Caribbean), Russia, Africa, and Argentina.

There is County Championships in each of these Counties, usually played as a series of blitzes, with the exception of weekly leagues in the 7 British Counties and Galicia and Brittany, two surviving Celtic Nations in France and Iberia.

There is also a British Provincial Championship, the winners of which enter the All-Ireland Junior Championship at Club level, and the World Games, held every year.

New York and London enter the All-Ireland County Championship in Football, and London, Warwickshire and Lancashire enter the Hurling Championships at the lower levels (Christy Ring, Nicky Rackard, and Lory Meagher Cups).

Below you will find the Results and Tables of various Competitions around the World, and All-Ireland Championships involving World Counties.

GAA Internationals:

GAA Football | All-Ireland Championship 1947

GAA Football | St. Brendan’s Cup 1954-1960

GAA Football | World Championship Cup 1967-1969

GAA Football | European Internationals:

GAA World | European Football Internationals 2014-2017