GAA Handball | Women’s National Singles Roll of Honour 1995-2017


Roll of Honour 1961-2017


Year Winner County
1995 B. Hennessey Limerick
1996 B. Hennessey Limerick
1997 B. Hennessey Limerick
1998 F. McKenna Antrim
1999 F. McKenna Antrim
2000 F. McKenna Antrim
2001 L.F. Gilmore Canada
2002 F. McKenna Antrim
2003 F. Shannon Antrim
2004 M. Daly Kerry
2005 F. Shannon Antrim
2006 F. Shannon Antrim
2007 F. Shannon Antrim
2008 A. Reilly Antrim
2009 F. Shannon Antrim
2010 A. Reilly Antrim
2011 F. Shannon Antrim
2012 A. Reilly Antrim
2013 A. Reilly Antrim
2014 A. Reilly Antrim
2015 C. Casey Cork
2016 C. Casey Cork
2017 Tadhg Haran Galway



Composite Table of Wins


Wins Player County
6 Fiona Shannon Antrim
5 Aisling Reilly Antrim
4 F. McKenna Antrim
3 B. Hennessey Limerick
2 Caitriona Casey Cork
1 M. Daly Kerry
1 L.F. Gilmore Canada

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The Irish Nationals for Women were started in 1995, with Antrim providing the lions share of winners – the top three spots on the Roll of Honour belong to Fiona Shannon (6 wins), Aisling Reilly (5 wins) and F. McKenna (4 Wins) – all Antrim.

The most recent champion has been Caitriona Casey of Cork who has won the last two, while B. Hennessey of Limerick (3 wins) and Kerry’s M. Daly and Canada’s L.F. Gilmore (1 apiece) complete the list of winners.




Handball is one of the Gaelic Athletic Association’s Charter sports of 1884. It is played on a court with three walls, and is very similar to the Handball played in America, Australia, Canada, and the variations on Handball, Pelota and Wallball played throughout Western Europe, and are all probably of the same origin.







[1] GAA (2017) – “The Complete Handbook of Gaelic Games – Full GAA Records from 1887 to 2017 Inclusive : Various- Women’s pg. 365. DBA Publications Limted, Dublin.




GAA Handball (2017) GAA Handball Logo Square [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 11 December 2017]




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