GAA Hurling Christy Ring Cup 2015

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Christy Ring Cup 2015

DateHome TeamAway Team
Round 1
02.05.2016Kerry2-17 (23)Down2-10 (16)
02.05.2015Derry0-13 (13)Mayo0-11 (11)
02.05.2015London2-23 (29)Kildare2-23 (29)
02.05,2015Meath1-21 (24)Wicklow1-5 (8)
Round 1Replay
09.05.2015Kildare0-19 (19)London3-16 (25)
Round 2AR1 Winners
09.05.2015Kerry1-23 (26)Meath2-18 (24)
16.05.2015Derry1-12 (15)London2-8 (14)
Round 2BR1 Losers
09.05.2015Down1-19 (22)Wicklow0-13 (13)
16.05.2015Mayo1-16 (19)Kildare2-18 (24)
Relegation Playoff2B Losers
23.05.2015Wicklow1-18 (21)Mayo1-11 (14)
Quarter-Finals2A Losers v
2B Winners
23.05.2015Meath2-18 (24)Kildare3-23 (32)
23.05.2015Down1-22 (25)London1-13 (16)
Semi-Finals2A Winners v
QF Winners
30.05.2015Kildare0-9 (9)Kerry6-27 (45)
30.05.2015Derry0-23 (23)Down2-12 (18)
Promotion / Relegation
14.06.2015Mayo0-13 (13)Roscommon2-14 (20)
Christy Ring Cup Final
06.06.2015Derry0-12 (12)Kerry1-20 (23)
GAA Hurling Christy Ring Cup 2015 [Reference: 2]


Kerry won the 2015 Christy Ring Cup, defeating Derry by 1-20 (23 Points) to 0-12 (12 Points) in the Final. They had earlier defeated Down and Meath, and had a comprehensive victory over Kildare in the Semi-Finals (6-27 to 0-9).

In all eight counties were eligible for the Christy Ring Cup (Division 2 All Ireland Hurling) – 3 from Leinster (Kildare, Meath and Wicklow), two each from Connacht (Mayo and Roscommon) and Ulster (Down and Derry) and one from Munster (Kerry).

About Hurling

Hurling is an ancient Gaelic Irish Sport, and one of the four Charter GAA Sports of 1884. It is played with a Hurl or Hurley (stick) and a sliotar (ball) and is one of the fastest team sports in the world. It is 15-a-side and Goals (worth 3 points) are scored as well as points (over the bar – worth one point). It is organised on a Club and County basis like most GAA Sports and has County, Provncial and All-Ireland Championships. Within both Club and County Championships there is the Hurling League (usually run over winter) and the Hurling Championship (usually run over summer). There are about 12 Top Level (Division 1) Counties that play for the Liam McCarthy Cup, as well as the Christy Ring Cup (Division 2), and Nicky Rackard (Division 3) and Lory Meaghar Cups (Division 4). Outside of Ireland there are 14 Counties that also play Gaelic Football and sometimes Hurling, with London, Warwickshire and Lancashire taking part in the lower levels of the All-Ireland Championships.


The Christy Ring Cup is the Tier 2 All-Ireland County Championship in Hurling, named after the great Cork player.

From its inception to 2018 it was a Double-Elimination Cup (dubbed the “Back Door” by the Press) and in 2019 was changed to two groups of 4, playing a Single Round-Robin with Semi-Finals & Final.



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