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There are two GAA Provincial Councils outside Ireland: the World Games comprising New York, United States, Canada, Australasia, Europe, Asia and Middle East GAA Councils; and the Britain GAA Provincial Council comprising the GAA Counties of London, Warwickshire, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Hertfordshire, Gloucestershire and Scotland. Both have County Championships and Provincial Championships in Gaelic Football, Hurling, Camogie and Ladies Gaelic, although not all as yet have Hurling, Camogie or Ladies Gaelic Football Championships. There are also Clubs in Argentina, Moscow, the Cayman Islands and South Africa.

Within Europe GAA, there are two Countries / Regions where the Gaelic Football is played entirely by Natives in small towns and villages like in Ireland: Brittany (NW France) and Galicia (NW Iberia – Spain/Portugal). These two Celtic Countries both have Men’s and Women’s Leagues played on a weekly basis, rather than in tournaments like in the other World Games Counties.

In addition there are ‘New’ counties established by the GAA in order to develop the game in Ireland’s regions, such as An Gaeltacht, Fingal (North Dublin) and South Down, and although none are currently official counties, there is a Gaeltacht Football Championship and there were once Fingal and South Down County Teams in Hurling (entered into a lower division Championship).

Handball, however, is described on the GAA Handball website as the only real GAA World Sport, with a high level of Competition in Western Europe (the European Wallball Pro Tour: Euro1Wall) as well as Organisations, each with their own variation on the rules, in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Catalonia, Basque Country, Belgium (Wallonia-Brussels and Flanders) and Netherlands. The World Handball Council says Handball was first played in Ireland, and it is very popular throughout the United States of America and Canada, with the World Handball Players the top Pro Competition, and variations such as Inner City Handball. It is also played in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Central America, Australia and Japan.

The fourth GAA sport, Rounders, is also played globally, with a GAA Rounders Alpen Cup (Switzerland/North Italy) and separate Rounders National Governing Bodies in England, Wales, Scotland, Isle of Man, Jersey, Australia, and India.

Dealt with separately are European versions of Handball, such Jai Alai (Basque Country), Frisian Handball, and Eton Fives (England). These can be found in either the Medieval Sports section (Eton Fives: Medieval Sports) or the European Traditional Sports Section (Jai Alai and Frisian Handball: Euro).

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An Gaeltacht GAA

An Gaeltacht GAA Comortais Peile na Gaeltachta (Finals):

An Gaeltacht GAA Comortais Peile na Gaeltachta Senior Finals 2011-Present

GAA Internationals

All-Ireland Senior Championships (Seasons): 1947

Britain GAA

Britain GAA Provincial Championships (Finals):

Britain GAA Hurling Club Championship Finals 1967-Present

Britain GAA Football Club Championship Finals 1967-Present

GAA World Games

GAA World Games Hurling Native Cup (Years): 2019

European Handball

European Wallball Pro Tour Men’s End of Season Rankings (Year): 2017-18

World Handball

World Handball Council World Championships (Finals):

World Handball Council World One Wall Championships Open Singles 1997-Present