GAA World Games Football

The first International GAA played was the Tailteann Games of 1924-1932, and this was followed by the 1947 All-Ireland Football Final, which was held in New York.

In the 1950s the St. Brendan’s Cup finals were held between New York and the National Football League & National Hurling League winners. In the 1960s there was the World Championship Cup between New York & The All-Ireland Champions.

From thereon New York & London played in the All-Ireland Championship in Football and London, Warwickshire & Lancashire in the Christy Ring, Nicky Rackard & Lory Meaghar Cups.

The World Games is the latest development in the GAA’s World Programme: It is essentially a Provincial Championship for the Americas (New York, United States & Canada in Americas – Native Cup) & World Counties (Europe, Australasia, Asia & Middle East – Irish Cup) with development programmes in Russia, Africa, Caribbean, Latin America & Argentina.

GAA Internationals:

GAA Football | All-Ireland Championship 1947

GAA Football | St. Brendan’s Cup 1954-1960

GAA Football | World Championship Cup 1967-1969

GAA Football | European Internationals:

GAA World | European Football Internationals 2014-2017

GAA World Games

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