GAA World Games Ladies Football Irish Cup 2019

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*Parnell Ladies6501853510
*Middle East6402119268
*Asia Phoenix6303103856
Europe Shamrocks6114361443
Father Murphy’s600661850

Reference: [1]

Irish Cup

DateHome TeamAway Team
01.08.2019Australasia14-10 (52)Asia Phoenix2-5 (11)
01.08.2019Parnell Ladies3-6 (15)Middle East2-7 (13)
Cup FinalCroke Park
02.08.2019Australasia2-7 (13)Parnell Ladies1-9 (12)

Reference: [2]

Irish Shield

DateHome TeamAway Team
01.08.2019Europe Shamrocks1-15 (18)Father Murphy’s0-1 (1)
Shield Final
01.08.2019Iberia2-6 (12)Europe Shamrocks3-4 (13)

Reference: [2]

Group Stage

DateHome TeamAway Team
Round 1WIT
29.07.2019Australasia6-13 (31)Asia Phoenix0-2 (2)
29.07.2019Iberia2-4 (10)Europe Shamrocks2-4 (10)
29.07.2019Middle East1-5 (8)Parnell Ladies2-4 (10)
Round 2WIT
29.07.2019Europe Shamrocks0-1 (1)Australasia12-10 (46)
29.07.2019Parnell Ladies5-3 (18)Iberia0-1 (1)
29.07.2019Asia Phoenix10-14 (44)Father Murphy’s0-1 (1)
Round 3WIT
30.07.2019Iberia7-7 (28)Father Murphy’s0-1 (1)
30.07.2019Middle East1-12 (15)Asia Phoenix2-2 (8)
30.07.2019Parnell Ladies8-5 (29)Europe Shamrocks0-1 (1)
Round 4WIT
30.07.2019Europe Shamrocks0-1 (1)Middle East7-11 (32)
30.07.2019Asia Phoenix4-7 (19)Iberia3-4 (13)
30.07.2019Father Murphy’s0-0 (0)Australasia22-3 (69)
Round 5WIT
31.07.2019Middle East0-3 (3)Australasia1-4 (7)
31.07.2019Parnell Ladiesw/oFather Murphy’scc
31.07.2019Europe Shamrocks1-6 (9)Asia Phoenix6-5 (23)
Round 6WIT
31.07.2019Asia Phoenix1-4 (7)Parnell Ladies2-10 (16)
31.07.2019Father Murphy’s0-0 (0)Middle East5-15 (30)
31.07.2019Australasia14-14 (56)Iberia0-1 (1)
Round 7WIT
31.07.2019Father Murphy’s1-1 (4)Europe Shamrocks3-5 (14)
31.07.2019Australasia4-6 (18)Parnell Ladies2-6 (12)
31.07.2019Iberia0-0 (0)Middle East8-7 (31)

Reference: [2] Note: w/o = Walkover Received / cc = Walkover Conceded.



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