Gaelic Football

Gaelic Football is one of the four original Gaelic Games included in the GAA Charter of 1884. It is also one of the four Major Irish Sports, along with Hurling, Soccer & Rugby Union.

Below you will find links to the results & Tables of various competitions in Ireland:

There are currently 14 GAA Counties outside of Ireland that have equal status with the 32 in Ireland.

London & New York take part in the All-Ireland Championship, while for all 14 there are County Championships as well as the British Provincial Council Championship & GAA World Games.

GAA All-Ireland Football

London & New York compete in the All-Ireland Championships and the winners of the British Provincial Championship compete in the All-Ireland Junior Championships.

GAA All-Ireland Senior Championship (Seasons)::


GAA National Football League | Roinn 4 (Seasons):


GAA All-Ireland Senior Club Championship (Seasons)::


GAA All-Ireland Junior Club Championships (Seasons)::

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GAA Warwickshire

GAA Warwickshire | Senior Football Championship (Seasons):


GAA World

GAA World Counties

Below you will find links to the index pages of the Hurling, Football, Camogie and Ladies Football pages of the 7 GAA World Counties (New York, United States, Canada, Australasia, Europe, Asia & Middle East):

(Note: Argentina, Caribbean, Latin America, Russia & Africa are currently in the development phase)

GAA World Roll of Honour

Below are links to the Rolls of Honour of various competitions in the 7 GAA World Counties.

United States GAA


United States GAA | Football Rolls of Honour (Overviews):

United States GAA | Senior Men’s Football Roll of Honour 1959-2019

Canada GAA


GAA Canada | Eastern Division:

GAA Canada | Eastern Division | Quebec Provincial Cup Men’s Football 2006-2014

GAA Canada | Eastern Division | Men’s Senior Football Championship 2014-2017

GAA Canada | Eastern Division | Men’s Junior Football Championship 2017

GAA Canada | Toronto Division:

GAA Canada | Toronto Division | Men’s Football Championship 1962-2017

GAA Canada | Western Division:

GAA Canada | Western Canada Division | Senior Football Championship 2004-2018

GAA Canada | Western Division | Pacific North West:

GAA Canada | Pacific Northwest Championships Men’s Football 1979-1996

GAA Canada | Western Division | Alberta:

GAA Canada | Western Division | Calgary Tournament Men’s Football 1998-2015

GAA Canada | Western Division | Edmonton Tournament Men’s Football 1997-2015

GAA Canada | Western Division | Alberta Cup Men’s Football 2008-2015

GAA Canada | Western Division | British Columbia:

GAA Canada | Western Division | Vancouver Tournament Men’s Football 1997-2009

GAA Canada | Western Division | Seattle-Washington:

GAA Canada | Western Division | Seattle-Washington Cup Men’s Football 2015

GAA Canada | Western Division | Football Sevens:

GAA Canada | Western Division | Bailey’s Cup Football Sevens 1990-2000

GAA Canada | Western Division | Jack Bell Cup Sevens Football Men 2002-2014


Australasia GAA


Australasia GAA | Men’s Football | Roll of Honour:

Australasia GAA | Senior Men’s Football Championships | Roll of Honour 1971-2019

Asia GAA


Asia GAA | Men’s Football Rolls of Honour:

Asia GAA | Asian Games | Men’s Football Cup (Derek Brady Cup) | Roll of Honour 1996-2019

Asia GAA | North Asia Games | Men’s Football (Conor Murphy Cup) | Roll of Honour 2007-2011

Asia GAA | South Asia Games | Men’s Football Cup | Roll of Honour 2008-2015

Asia GAA | All China Games | Men’s Football Cup | Roll of Honour 2007-2012

Breton Gaelic Football

GAA Brittany:

GAA Europe | Brittany Gaelic Football League Men 2011-2014

GAA Europe | Brittany Gaelic Football League | Men Division 1 2015-2019

GAA Europe | Brittany Gaelic Football League | Men Division 2 2015-2019

Galician Gaelic Football

GAA Galicia:

GAA Europe | Galician Gaelic Football League | Men’s Division 1 2013-2018

GAA Europe | Galician Gaelic Football League | Men Division 2 2015-2017

GAA Galicia Men’s League (Seasons):