Gaelic Games are those sports played in the once Gaelic-speaking Regions of Ireland & Britain. More specifically it covers the Gaelic Athletic Association Sports of Gaelic Football, Hurling & Camogie, Handball & Rounders, though it also covers Minor Sports such as Poc Fada (An Irish equivalent of Golf where a person uses a Hurl or Hurley to hit a Sliotar (Ball) up the side of a mountain a down the other side in as few Pocs (shots) as possible); and International Rules (Various Sports where a Compromise is made in the Rules with a related Celtic or International Sport – such as Handball-Pelota, International Rules Football (Australian Rules), Hurling-Shinty, Rounders-Baseball, Hurlacrosse & Poc Fada Golf)

Below you will find links to the index pages of the Minor Gaelic Games and GAA World:

Gaelic Games

GAA Major Sports

 25. Hurling  : Provinces & Counties:

  1. GAA Christy Ring Cup Final Tables 2010-Present.
  2. GAA Christy Ring Cup Results 2017-Present.
  3. Connacht GAA Intermediate & Junior Club Hurling Championships Results 2018.
  4. Leinster GAA Senior, Intermediate & Junior Club Hurling Championships Results 2019
  5. Leitrim GAA Senior Hurling Championship Final Tables 2006-Present
  6. Kildare GAA Senior Hurling Championship 2019.

 26. Football : Provinces & Counties:

  1. All-Ireland Junior Club Football Championship 2017-Present)

27. Camogie 

28. Ladies Football

  1. National League Final Tables (2010-Present)

Minor Gaelic Games

29. Handball   GAA Handball Finals (Men’s & Women’s) 2018-Present. World Handball European Pro Wallball Tour Rankings (Men’s & Women’s) 2016-Present. European Pro Wallball Tour Finals (Men’s & Women’s) 2019-Present. Walloon (French-speaking Belgium) National 1 Division 2018-19-present.

30. International Rules All-Time International (Compromise) Rules results for

  1. Ireland v Australia 1984-Present (Football).
  2. Ireland v Scotland 1924-Present (Hurling-Shinty).
  3. Ireland v Basque Country (Handball-Pelota) (Incomplete)
  4. Ireland v USA (Rounders-Baseball) (Incomplete)
  5. Hurlacrosse (Hurling-Lacrosse) (Incomplete)
  6. Poc Fada Golf (Explanation of game).

31. Poc Fada

The Irish version of Golf: Use a Hurl/Hurley to hit a ball up the side of a mountain and down the other side in as few goes as possible. Roll of Honour for All-Ireland Champions (Men’s & Women’s) . Known yearly Results .

32. Rounders

  1. Results & Final Tables for All-Ireland Senior Championships (Ladies, Men’s, Mixed) from 2015-16 to Present.
  2. Rolls of Honour for All-Ireland Championships (Senior, Minor, Feile).

Celtic Sports 

33. Basque Pelota

  1. Roll of Honour 2000-Present for ASPE Pelota (Spanish Basque Country).
  2. Final tables from 2018-19 for ASPE Pelota (Spanish Basque Country)
  3. Final Tables from 2018-19 for FFPB (French Basque Country)

34. Medieval Football & Hurling

  1. Cornish Hurling (known results)
  2. Manx Cammag (known results)

35. Scottish Shinty

  1. Final Tables for the National Leagues dating back to 2000 (Scottish Shinty).
  2. Results for Scottish Shinty since 2015-16.
  3. Final Tables of Women’s Camanachd Association (2016-present)
  4. Final Tables of Scottish Universities Shinty (where known).

36. Welsh Baseball

  1. Final Tables for Welsh Ladies Baseball Union from 2012-present

GAA World

Breton Football Celtic-speaking area of NW France, where Gaelic Football is played entirely by Natives in villages and towns.

Galician Football Celtic area of NW Iberia (Spain), where Gaelic Football is played entirely by Natives in villages and towns.

GAA Britain Counties: GAA London , GAA Warwickshire /

GAA World Counties Counties: GAA United States , GAA Canada , GAA Australasia , GAA EuropeGAA Asia.