Galway Football Association EZ Living Furniture Ladies Premier League 2020-21

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GFA EZ Living Furniture Ladies Premier League 2020-21

GFA Ladies Premier LeaguePWDLFAPts
Corrib Celtic2200946
Corrib Rangers2200726
Cregmore/Claregalway FC2101533
Dunmore Town2101663
Shiven Rovers2101353
East Galway United1001250
Colemanstown United2002270
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DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
20.09.2020Colemanstown United0Corrib Rangers4
20.09.2020Corrib Celtic4Dunmore Town2
20.09.2020Cregmore/Claregalway FC3Shiven Rovers0
Week 2
02.10.2020Shiven Rovers3Colemanstown United2
04.10.2020Corrib Rangers 3Cregmore/Claregalway FC 2
04.10.2020Dunmore Town 4Kiltullagh2
04.10.2020East Galway United2Corrib Celtic5
Week 3
07.02.2021Corrib RangersCorrib Celtic
07.02.2021Dunmore TownColemanstown United
07.02.2021East Galway UnitedCregmore/Claregalway FC
07.02.2021Shiven Rovers Kiltullagh
Week 1Rescheduled
14.02.2021Kiltullagh East Galway United
Week 4
21.02.2021Colemanstown United Cregmore/Claregalway FC
21.02.2021 Corrib Celtic Kiltullagh
21.02.2021 Corrib Rangers Shiven Rovers
21.02.2021 Dunmore Town East Galway United
Week 5
07.03.2021Colemanstown United East Galway United
07.03.2021Corrib Celtic Shiven Rovers
07.03.2021 Cregmore/Claregalway FC Dunmore Town
07.03.2021 Kiltullagh Corrib Rangers
Week 6
21.03.2021 Colemanstown United Shiven Rovers
21.03.2021 Corrib Celtic East Galway United
21.03.2021 Cregmore/Claregalway FC Corrib Rangers
21.03.2021 Kiltullagh Dunmore Town
Week 7
04.04.2021 Corrib Rangers Kiltullagh
04.04.2021 Dunmore Town Cregmore/Claregalway FC
04.04.2021 East Galway United Colemanstown United
04.04.2021 Shiven Rovers Corrib Celtic
Week 8
18.04.2021 Cregmore/Claregalway FC Corrib Celtic
18.04.2021 East Galway United Corrib Rangers
18.04.2021 Kiltullagh Colemanstown United
18.04.2021 Shiven Rovers Dunmore Town
Week 9
02.05.2021 Colemanstown United Corrib Celtic
02.05.2021 Cregmore/Claregalway FC Kiltullagh
02.05.2021 Dunmore Town Corrib Rangers
02.05.2021 East Galway United Shiven Rovers
Week 10
16.05.2021 Corrib Rangers Colemanstown United
16.05.2021 Dunmore Town Corrib Celtic
16.05.2021 East Galway United Kiltullagh
16.05.2021 Shiven Rovers Cregmore/Claregalway FC
Colemanstown United Dunmore Town
Colemanstown United Kiltullagh
Corrib Celtic Colemanstown United
Corrib Celtic Corrib Rangers
Corrib Celtic Cregmore/Claregalway FC
Corrib Rangers Dunmore Town
Corrib Rangers East Galway United
Cregmore/Claregalway FC Colemanstown United
Cregmore/Claregalway FC East Galway United
Dunmore Town Shiven Rovers
East Galway United Dunmore Town
Kiltullagh Corrib Celtic
Kiltullagh Cregmore/Claregalway FC
Kiltullagh Shiven Rovers
Shiven Rovers Corrib Rangers
Shiven Rovers East Galway United
[References: 2]


The 2020-21 Galway Football Association EZ Living Furniture Ladies Premier League was suspended after two weeks due to COVID-19 coronavirus Pandemic restrictions. At the time Corrib Celtic and Corrib Rangers, the two traditional powers in the league were both on six points having won both games. The 2020-21 season featured two new teams in East Galway United from Kiltormer and Dunmore Town.

Home Venue

TeamHome Venue
Colemanstown United Colemanstown
Corrib Celtic Annaghdown
Corrib RangersWestside
Cregmore/Claregalway FCCregmore
Dunmore TownDunmore
East Galway UnitedKiltormer
Shiven RoversShiven Rovers
[References: 2]



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