German Football League 1993

German Football League Logo [Ref: 3]

Final Standings

GFL Nord
*Cologne Crocodiles14131063518526
*Berlin Adler14121151619525
*Dusseldorf Panther14103143915921
*Hamburg Silvereagles1486030230716
Berlin Rebels1459028140710
Solingen Hurricanes1441002173668
Monheim Sharks1431101653526
Dortmund Giants1401401427260
*Munich Cowboys1413014799027
*Hanau Hawks1485132035217
*Rothenburg Knights1476132535415
*Noris Rams1477024529914
Regensburg Royals1467129627313
Kempten Comets1458129026811
Badener Greifs144912243609
Bad Homburg Falken1431102143976
German Football League Standings 1993 [Ref: 11-12]

Playoff Results

Home TeamAway Team
Cologne Crocodiles66Noris Rams18
Munich Cowboys60Hamburg Silver Eagles0
Berlin Adler58Rothenburg Knights26
Hanau Hawks13Dusseldorf Panther48
Cologne Crocodiles34Dusseldorf Panther8
Munich Cowboys19Berlin Adler17
German Bowl XVAttendance: 9,000
Munich Cowboys42Cologne Crocodiles36 (2ot)
German Football League Playoffs 1993 [Ref: 12]

GFL Nord Regular Season Results

Berlin Adlerxxx28-228-3363-028-1542-040-036-7
Berlin Rebels6-38xxx6-6653-1413-2421-621-1726-36
Cologne Crocodiles23-3428-14xxx76-827-1352-783-733-19
Dortmund Giants26-5232-3628-68xxx0-768-536-468-49
Dusseldorf Panther21-2165-714-2983-0xxx20-617-035-0
Monheim Sharks0-318-340-5519-00-14xxx31-1015-16
Solingen Hurricanes28-4613-013-3131-69-2223-14xxx7-28
Hamburg Silver Eagles14-4932-2214-3121-619-2026-621-13xxx
German Football League Nord Results 1993 [Ref: 1-2]

GFL Sud Regular Season Results

Badener Greifsxxx33-1231-237-356-1721-2628-2122-22
Bad Homburg Falken20-7xxx20-3620-37-2719-2133-2815-24
Hanau Hawks31-1834-20xxx38-227-2830-1327-2721-47
Kempten Comets24-855-634-8xxx17-170-140-1813-30
Munich Cowboys62-034-045-027-10xxx41-648-643-6
Noris Rams3-1732-1413-1514-200-37xxx12-2454-29
Regensburg Royals34-721-1420-2134-277-1612-14xxx26-7
Rothenburg Knights20-1942-1414-2927-2018-3720-2319-18xxx
German Football League Sud Results 1993 [Ref: 2]

Note: Read Across for Home Results, Down for Away Results. Home Teams’ Score Mentioned First.


Munich Cowboys won the German Bowl 42-36 in double overtime against the Cologne Crocodiles in 1993, then went on to play the Hamburg Blue Devils in the Final of the European League, losing 53-30.

The European League of American Football was a limited schedule League involving the Blue Devils (who played an independent schedule that season), Cologne Crocodiles, Munich Cowboys and Britain’s Manchester Spartans.

The Cowboys had finished top of the Sud Division with a 13-0-1 Wins-Losses-Ties record, and the Cologne Crocodiles finished top of the Nord with a 13-1 Record. Other playoff qualifiers in the Nord were Berlin Adler (12-2-1), Dusseldorf Panther (10-3-1) and Hamburg Silver Eagles (8-6). Southern playoff qualifiers besides the Cowboys were Hanau Hawks (9-4-1), Rothenburg Knights (8-5-1) and Noris Rams (7-7). Teams played a 14-game regular season, only two less than the National Football League in USA.



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