Gridiron Development Leagues

Gridiron Development Leagues are American Football Leagues where the players aren’t paid in order to continue their College Eligibility. Players can thus continue playing American Football after High School, even though they didn’t get on a NCAA College team. They can thus enroll in Private Tuition and use this as a stepping stone to full University Courses & College Teams or Semi-Pro or Pro Football. It can suit players with a slower Development in High School than those who went on to University.

Gridiron Development Football League (Overviews):

Gridiron Developmental Football League 2015-2019

Gridiron Development Football League (Seasons):


Since 2000 there has also been a development whereby small leagues with 4 or so teams play a limited schedule (e.g. 2 games each), usually in one city, although some Leagues have been more National or Regional in scope.

There has also been the development of City-based recreational Leagues, such as the Sevenman Tackle Football League in Carrollton, North Texas (1999-2005) and the Spring League in Austin, Texas (2017-Present).

Recreational Development Football Leagues:

Texas Recreational Football Leagues:

Sevenman Tackle Football League (Texas) 1999-2005

The Spring League 2017-Present