Gridiron New South Wales Mens Competition 1989

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Final Standings

Bondi Raiders121200100
Fairfield Argonauts1283172
Sydney Uni Lions1284067
Hills District Eagles1275058
Liverpool Pirates
North West Rebels
Gridiron New South Wales Mens Competition Standings 1989 [Ref: 1-9]

Playoff Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
1989Bondi Raiders57Hills District Eagles0
1989Fairfield ArgonautsLSydney Uni LionsW
Waratah Bowl V
1989Bondi Raiders14Sydney Uni Lions13
Gridiron New South Wales Mens Competition Playoffs 1989 [Ref: 1-9]

Regular Season Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week ?
1989Bondi Raiders16Hills District Eagles0
1989Fairfield Argonauts0Sydney Uni Lions10
1989Liverpool Pirates13North West Rebels14
Week ?
1989Hills District Eagles0Bondi Raiders48
1989Sydney Uni Lions14Fairfield Argonauts16
1989North West Rebels13Liverpool Pirates21
Gridiron New South Wales Mens Competition Regular Season Results 1989 [Ref: 1-9]


Bondi raiders won Gridiron News South Wales’ Waratah Bowl V in 1989, by a single point over Sydney Uni Lions. The Sydney Uni Lions looked like they had it in the bag with less than 90 seconds on the clock, but a series of errors deep in their own territory cost them the game.

The Lions had to start from their own seven yard line after receiving a punt, and then QB Eric Carrier was sacked on his own four yard line. On third down they went for a long pass which was sensationally intercepted by Free Safety Joe Desmid, giving the Raiders a last shot.

Back-Up QB for the Raiders, James Hayes, hit sent a 36-yard pass to flanker Harry Pavlidia, and then a draw play gained them another seven yards to the Lions’ eight yard line. Again QB Hayes found his man, Harry Pavlidia, who slipped into the endzone. Powers kicked the extra point which proved to be the difference between the teams, but it was the strange decision to go long earlier which cost the Lions.

The first quarter had been scoreless, and in the second Lions QB Carrier found Tom Boardman for a 75 yard TD reception. Another long punt by Powers had the Lions on their 3 yard line, and on a QB sneak Roy Herman stripped the Lions QB of the ball giving them possession on the 5 yard line. With 30 seconds to go in the half Rookie Brett Mason scored on a counter play, and with the kick good, both teams were level on 7-7 at the half.

In the third quarter there was no scoring, but in the fourth the Lions QB pitched out to John Kirby in the backfield on a third-and-nine. Carrier then swung out left and Kirby sent him the ball back and in he went for the score. The Raiders were stunned, but managed to regain composure and block the score. This set the scene for the crazy scenes at the end of the game. [Ref: 7]



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