Hamburg Blue Devils Independent Schedule American Football Team 1993

Hamburg Ble Devils Logo [Ref: 12]

Hamburg Blue Devils Independent Schedule Record 1993

Hamburg Blue Devils121020402259.833
European League Continental Conference – Independent Schedule Teams 1993 [Ref: 10]

Hamburg Blue Devils Independent Schedule

DateHome TeamAway Team
08.05.1993Hamburg Blue Devils35Manchester Euro Spartans20
05.06.1993Aix-en-Provence Argonautes20Hamburg Blue Devils40
12.06.1993Hamburg Blue Devils12Pacific Lutheran University42
19.06.1993Hamburg Blue Devils48Amsterdam Crusaders30
26.06.1993Hamburg Blue Devils55Helsinki Roosters20
14.08.1993Hamburg Blue Devils31Cologne Crocodiles21
21.08.1993Manchester Euro Spartans21Hamburg Blue Devils23
28.08.1993Hamburg Blue Devils36Uppsala 86ers27
04.09.1993Hamburg Blue Devils16Finland All-Stars6
11.09.1993Findlay Oilers28Hamburg Blue Devils7
26.09.1993Hamburg Blue Devils41Manchester Euro Spartans10
02.10.1993Hamburg Blue Devils53Munich Cowboys30
Hamburg Blue Devils Independent Schedule 1993 [Ref: 9]

Note: Games in Italics were official European League Games.

European League of American Football Final Standings

Continental Conference
Hamburg Blue Devils330089621.000
Cologne Crocodiles10102131.000
Munich Cowboys1
Manchester Euro Spartans30204158.000
UK Conference
European League of American Football Standings 1993 [Ref: Compiled from 1-3; 5-7]

Note: + One fixture between the Cologne Crocodiles and Hamburg Blue Devils was an exhibition match. The Cologne Crocodiles and Munich Cowboys played in the German Football League in 1993 – they met in the German Bowl, the other Continental Conference Semi-Final. Manchester Spartans and Hamburg Blue Devils left their respective leagues to play in the European League with an ad-hoc schedule apart from two games against each other. Manchester Spartans played as Euro Spartans to signify they were now a European League team.

Continental Conference Final Four Tournament

DateHome TeamAway Team
26.09.1993Hamburg Blue Devils41Euro Spartans0
26.09.1993Cologne Crocodiles36Munich Cowboys42 (2ot)
3rd PlaceVenue: Hamburg
02.10.1993Cologne CrocodilesEuro Spartans
FinalVenue: Hamburg
02.10.1993Hamburg Blue Devils53Munich Cowboys30

European League – Continental Conference Final Four Tournament 1993 [Ref: 4-5]

UK Conference Final Four Tournament

DateHome TeamAway Team
European League – UK Conference Final Standings 1993 [Ref: Compiled from 7-8]


Hamburg Devils played an independent schedule in 1993. They played matches against European teams Aix-en-Provence Argonauts, Helsinki Roosters, Amsterdam Crusaders, Uppsala 86ers (Sweden), Finland All-Stars as well as American teams Findlay Oilers and Pacific Lutheran University.

They also played in a limited schedule European League with GFL teams Cologne Crocodiles and Munich Cowboys, as well as Britain’s Manchester Spartans – renamed the Euro Spartans for the occasion. They defeated German Bowl Champions Munich Cowboys 53-30 in their last game of the season, finishing 10-2, with the two losses only coming against American teams.



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