Handball was first played in Ireland according to the World Handball Council website and the GAA Handball website describes it as the GAA’s only real World Sport. It is organised along the same lines as the rest of the Gaelic Games which come under the authority of the GAA – with County, Provincial and All-Ireland Championships, in both Men’s and Women’s, Team and Individual, Boys and Girls and also in Softball and Hardball versions. Some players compete in the European Pro Wallball Tour (Wallball is a unified version of Handball in Europe, bringing together the Handball of Ireland, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Catalonia, Basque Country, Belgium, Wallonia, Flanders and Netherlands. Others play on the US circuit or in Canada and Australia. It is also played in Japan and Latin America.

GAA Handball Singles & Doubles

GAA Handball All-Ireland Championships

GAA Handball | Individual Competitions (Overviews):

GAA Handball | All-Ireland 40×20 Championships | Men’s Senior Singles 1975-2019

GAA Handball | Women’s National Singles Roll of Honour 1995-2017

GAA Handball All- Ireland 40×20 Men’s Senior Singles (Seasons): 2018

GAA Handball She’s Ace (Seasons): 2018

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GAA Handball Club Competitions

GAA Handball Tournaments

GAA Handball Club Championships

GAA Handball | All-Ireland Inter-Club Championship 2012-2018

GAA Handball 40×20 Inter-Club Championship (Seasons): 2017

GAA Handball Gael Linn (Seasons): 2018

GAA Handball Intervarsity Championships (Seasons): 1991

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